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In a cosmetic marabunta in which the skin is hypersensitized by an excess of active ingredients, silent cosmetics arise, one that improves the skin without attracting so much attention at first sight

The cosmetic trend leads us to seek more and more flash effect cosmetics, loaded with high concentrations of cosmetic active ingredients that instantly reveal radiant skin. Sin embargo, you have to be careful with them. “Cosmetics with high concentrations of principles that can cause cellular activity in the skin are positive in many routines., although they should always be prescribed by an expert in order to avoid irritation or side effects”, comments Estefanía Nieto, technical director of Omorovicza. That is why we must take into account silent cosmetics.

“We are attending to an increase in the ratios of skin hypersensitivity. Sometimes, the origin is an increase in stress, others are due to hormonal causes, pero, lots of them, They occur from using more intensive beauty products than recommended”, adds Isabel Reverte, head of training at the firm Rosalique, specialized in sensitive skin.

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¿What is silent cosmetics?

It is in this part of the game where silent cosmetics and therefore the so-called silent cosmetics come in., “products that, of first, we would not know if they are doing something for our skin or not, but what, when we have been using them for two to three months, we noticed a radical and widespread change”, adds Raquel González, Cosmetologist and Director of Training for Perricone MD, who adds that: “for many skins they are essential. When they tell me about what one of our star products does, Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Serum Concentrate, I always say that you would not know how to describe what effect it offers, but the point is that you notice that your skin improves. And that's the key, they are cosmetics that do not have a flash effect, but with continued use, their formulas are just as powerful to keep the skin in optimal condition and leave it radiant”.

¿What difference a silent cosmetic from a “noisy” one?

When it comes to noisy cosmetics, more than noisy itself, It is the one that is immediately noticeable., the one that contributes «flash effect». “These are products that usually have a high concentration of active ingredients and that tend to include principles such as alpha or beta hydroxy acids., los retinoides, or even play with mineral pigments to improve skin tone”, says Sonia Ferreiro, who is a cosmetologist and biotechnologist, as well as technical manager of the Ambari Beauty firm in Spain.

As opposed, the silent cosmetics“They treat the skin little by little, continuously but without pause, achieving an essential treatment for the skin to look good in the long term”, explains Elisabeth San Gregorio, technical director of Medik8.

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Silent cosmetics vs cosmetic minimalism

Some time ago, got out of moda talk about cosmetic minimalism, a theory that advocated less is more and using only a cosmetic product or two, if you add a cleaner. Sin embargo, Studies show that a multi-step routine usually reveals healthier skin in the medium and long term.While minimalism defends the use of few products, silent cosmetics favors the use of complete routines with products that work gradually.

¿A silent cosmetic is better than one with a flash effect?

The conclusion that is drawn when talking to these cosmetic aces is, On one side, It depends a lot on each person and, for other, that both are beneficial according to each case. In the words of Bella Hurtado, of the firma Boutijour: “When a skin is poorly conditioned, can benefit from a flash product, but then you will have to maintain the results with silent cosmetics. Not doing it this way is similar to getting a facial at a health center. belleza and then not touch your skin again for months”.

In another order, it can be said that, “by normally carrying more load of active principle, flash effect cosmetics are not usually as beneficial for the most sensitive skin, especially when it comes to exfoliating acids or retinoids”, comments Marta Agustí, technical manager of the online beauty platform Purenichelab.com.

In conclusion, if we have resistant skin, we can use a flash cosmetic that gives the starting signal and then continue with a less forceful maintenance routine, it is best to resort to silent cosmetics. If our skin has certain conditionings, such as rosacea or psoriasis, we must go to an expert who prescribes us, avoiding any sudden impact on the skin.

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