Creation of fashion content by Yellow Glasses 🤓

The Lord of the Yellow Glasses offers its services for the creation of fashion and lifestyle content for media or brands that want originality, efficiency, And an inspiring touch!

Hello! If you are around here you already know me something, pero bueno, it never hurts to show up again. I'm Manuel J. Romero, thirty-something, Grenadian who has lived in Madrid for 5 años, journalist and specialist in online content and digital marketing. Y ahora voy a añadir también la labor de creación de contenido de moda. Spring?

Since I finished my training and launched my fashion and lifestyle blog (where you are right now) I have had the opportunity to participate in very interesting projects and in the creation of fashion content that show my broad knowledge of the world of communication in this sector. It's been more than 10 years of that! I have worked for magazines such as ICON from El País, MujerHoy o Vanidad and dozens of fashion brands generating content for their websites, blogs or social networks. Will I already be a senior professional? By clicking here you can see my full Linkedin.

Do you need articles or fashion content for your company?

As communication and fashion run through my veins, I am able to face the world of "Fashion™». From massive brands, jewelry or shoes, going through eco fashion, influencers o celebrities, e incluso travel, feeding or branding… It could be said that my portfolio is a 'mixed bag' that is capable of highlighting the different approaches that the world of fashion may have (business, creative, technological, social…) but all based on the same pattern, I love writing and I can do it in many different ways!

But where are we going, I can adapt in form and substance to the fashion and lifestyle content creation and copywriting to meet your needs. Throughout all this time I have realized articles, Chronicles, reports, interviews, opinion, SEO-oriented articles, collaborations on radio or TV and research dossiers.

But the movement is demonstrated by walking, so here I put some links that I consider relevant to discover what I can do for you:

creación contenido de moda

What can I do for you?

I can help you with creating USEFUL and INTERESTING fashion content for your readers (if you are a medium), for you fashion brand lifestyle (if you are an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur) or for your clients (if you are a communication agency). We chat?