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One of the most important elements when talking about glasses are the lenses of sunglasses. The crystals, or solar ophthalmic lenses as they are referred to by professionals in the world of optics, They are very important when it comes to protecting our eyes and providing us with comfort..

There are different types of glasses or solar lenses, each with its specific characteristics. The experts ofGeneral Optics point out the main characteristics of these crystals and some of the most common:

solar crystals

There are many types of solar crystals. Among them is the polarized crystals, mirrored and photochromic. The main characteristic of these ophthalmic lenses is that they allow coloring in a uniform and homogeneous way over the entire surface., o well, in a degraded way, offering a different protection according to the point of the surface that is analyzed, and offering a more sophisticated and elegant image.

Solar crystals come in a wide variety of colors, como elgris, marrón, verde, blue or yellow, entre otros. Lens tint can affect color perception and contrast, and also helps reduce shine.

Polarized crystals

designed forreduce glare caused by light reflected off surfaces. These lenses block light rays that are reflected horizontally, improving visual clarity and contrast. Very appropriate for water sports and high mountain and snow.

crystals andspying

They have a reflective coating on the surface of the lens that reflects light. They are flashy glasses, since that lining, can be made in colors: plata, azul, verde, rojo, purple, etc. And causing a reduction in the amount of light that reaches the eyes.Especially useful in bright conditions.

Crystals photochromic

sunglasses lenses

This is a good option for wearers of prescription glasses who want a pair of glasses able to adapt to all kinds of situations both indoors and outdoors.Photochromic lenses adapt to different levels of light, automatically darkening in the presence of strong sunlight and lightening in lower light environments. toast, sobre todo, eye comfort. It is the best solution to avoid wearing two glasses.

Glasses must always be approved. The best thing to do is go to a trusted General Optica optician and try on different glasses after the appropriate review.. Do not forget that it will be necessary to change them periodically, especially if they have been very exposed to the sun's rays

Elena Barberán Beds, optician-optometrist in charge of contact lenses at General Optica

¿What should we take into account when choosing csunglasses lenses?

In addition to its design, the expert opticians ofGeneral Optics advise to take into account other aspects when choosing sunglasses:

  • UV protection. The chosen sunglasses must have adequate protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • fit and comfort. To fully enjoy sunglasses, you must verify that they fit correctly. They should rest gently on the nose without squeezing or slipping., and the temples should fit comfortably in the ears.
  • face shape. Although it is true that there is nothing written about tastes, An expert advisor or optician will tell you which glasses are best for you based on the shape of your face.
  • Material quality. It is key when choosing sunglasses, since it ensures that you can enjoy them much longer, resisting the wear and tear of daily use.
  • solar filters. exist 5 different types of sunscreens assorted 0 al 4, depending on the lesser or greater light absorption capacity that they have.
  • Personal style. Opticians can help choose a style of sunglasses that suits each personality and the use to which the glasses are put.. It is important that the user feels comfortable and safe with them..