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One day in Madrid to learn, professionalize, get to know and get to know… and above all, have fun.


Playing with posters Gisela! I'm great with her bra!

A gathering of people who share your passion is always interesting and exciting, just as the fans go to their football field on a Sunday dressed in scarves and shirts with their emblem colors, us (bueno, they) we put on our Marant Sneakers (do you copy, of course, Yuyu Yuyu), leopard pants or military prints and maxi necklaces to celebrate the annual union of the III Jornadas de Blogs de Moda, this year under the title "New trends in the professionalization of blogs”

One has come with sandals and socks… You know, halftime in #blogsmoda

Thanks to the magnificent work of the organization (Patricia González Aldea and María Giraldo Bombín, directors of the Conference), On this occasion we were able to learn about the incidence of blogs with brands, his professionalization, their work as embedded media or their social impact.

Fashion is industry and who does not see it… to take Fanta! (Amancio take me soon) #Esoesasin

Some conferences packed with professionals who extrapolated the vision of brands and companies on current fashion blogs and managed in many cases to encourage interest in the use of tools and ideas to professionalize what until now was labeled as “Hobbie”. Aunque many of us already know that fashion blogging can become a true profession the business referent, we still have to continue evangelizing about the professional future that a blog can bring.

about ‘experiencias inspiring’ It has nothing to do with the fart this morning, no?” (in relation to instantaneous communication and the phrase of a speaker who said something like “if i fart today in london tomorrow it's front page in china”)

There were very very interesting talks, like Jesus Maria Montes-Fernandez – . Director of the SOLO MODA program on TVE – who had just arrived from New York;  tiscar lara – Director of Communication of the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) – We don't know where it had just come from, but it was super cool and interesting to say the least, contributing the three ideas that are revolutionizing fashion and the world, including mixing and copying.… Again a greeting to the Isa of the slippers!

God, 14 horas! Let's free that slave blogger” (in relation to a comment about professional bloggers who spent all those hours on their blog)

There were other more controversial ones such as the one that was created around money – o no – received by bloggers embedded in the media, or the difference between quality and commitment and price of celebrity bloggers. Another interesting talk was Rosa Fernandez-Velilla. Partner and General Director of Gisela who bet strongly on the value and above all the price of the work of bloggers.

I think that with what the pear child will charge… Three or four true bloggers would be paid, but true, calidad…” (in relation to the quality/price and validity of celebrity bloggers)

Highlight as between “neither cold nor hot” and more like a small slap on the wrist or constructive criticism of the presentation of Star Vilaseca. Coordinator of Absolut Mode Society, I think it is one of the best platform for professional bloggers, with interesting content and high-quality names such as Diana de Di Por Dior, Raquel from Gratis Total or Mónica from Miss at the Playa (who was also at the conference). He conveyed that to be within the platform the important thing was quality and difference, but then all this was illustrated with a video in the purest Loewe style. ¿They look for quality or they look for show? I also explain that they are in the process of restructuring, so let's see how his new step is. I have great confidence in this project so, if you allow me the advice, do not sell it as something superfluous and as children who "force” be different / media and focus more on fashion theorists like the ones I mentioned above.

curious moments in Instagram like Rosario from RealTrends or me with my Hola bookmark

“Fashion icons like Penélope Cruz?? I have lost something”

like in apothecary, there were also other less lucid presentations – sorry for not saying names in this case – maybe for being simplistic: Ladies and Gentlemen, those selected to attend these conferences expect quality and concretion, not that we get gilded with blog ideas for ‘dummies‘.

Friends, faragieijils es Far Away Heels. eclectic reports, eclectic entertains” (I was doing simultaneous translations when there were anglicisms)

There was also time for Networking, perhaps one of the most interesting parts for me since we were able to meet live people as interesting as Miss Patty Largas, Jose Airam de E – Cooling system, Sharpen Style, carmen del The Witch with a Stiletto Heel (with me in this photo next door, that I asked him which absolute fan I am) the violet of Violeta and co.

The museum gives thanks but not electricity!” (in relation to the fact that we were not allowed to plug in our mobile phones)

The sponsors were great filling our goodie bags. For me, from above, I highlight Gisela, that he remembered the boys and gave us pajamas (you'll see) y Selected, whose scarf I plan to wear a lot! Below I highlight Sale – Private, who had a great idea for a funny Photocall, but with very unflattering white hats.

The Andalusians are the ones who best know your breasts!” (Gisela is from Malaga)


Con Bea from Le Poire Rouge and Rosario from Real Trends / With Almudena from METPM.

The best: feel accompanied with 200 people who have the same concern as you and for whom you are not the ‘weird from the fashion blog’.

Worst: It would have taken more time for the networking of “speed dating”.

Hills: reunions with friends like Almudena de Moda is Everything That Goes Out of Fashion, the good feeling created on twitter with the hashtag #blog fashion, where I was contributing my carefree vision, a little teasing over all and making people laugh a little (some would call it trolling) – I have been placing some of my tweets in the post – , and meet Helena, Gisela's Community Manager with whom we share laughter and ideas.

Cone, Karl Lagerfeld's Pablo Alborán!” (when they presented the new video of Baptiste Giabiconi

An instructive event where we could understand and value many things to further professionalize these our blogs. In general, it can be summarized that it was a very complete day, fun and better quality than on previous occasions, that is great since evolving is not only good, but also necessary.