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A night where we were able to celebrate that this blog is going from strength to strength and very well accompanied…

has been waiting, but the day finally came celebrate a new birthday of the blog Ecléchico, and hence, of the Señor de las Gafas Amarillas.  Family, amigos, followers, and people related to moda en Granada… they met last friday, 5 of October in Pub Ganivet in the center of Granada, decked out in a touch of yellow. A night full of laughter and good vibes y, como no podía ser de otra manera, of eclecticism.

There we premiered for the first time the painting created by Dolores Ortiz, a young artist who is going to make a comic with the adventures of El Señor de las Gafas yellow and what made this great poster.

This year the photocall was different, no static background, We wanted movement and for that reason we had my good friend Alfredo from BSGelectrics Granada, What did you get revolutionize the night with his yellow motorcycle and the desire that people had to take a "walk” and take a picture with her, in the purest style “Holidays in Rome” but yellow! ¿how not?

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I was very excited to be able to deliver something "alive” and to reflect the essence of the blog to the attendees and that is why it occurred to me that I could deliver yellow flowers, of course real and natural (they asked me how 10 times if they were false!) and that they encouraged us to contribute even more to give touches of yellow since they did not hesitate to put themselves in the pelo, neckline, jacket lapels or clip to bag…

they were with me, helping me and accompanying me, collaborators who turned the appointment into a very special night! Like María José de Nútryka, (with me in the photo) who helped me a lot by taking care of the draw and as you can see, she was beautiful. Por supuesto, my classmates 2.55 Moda y Comunicación, also spectacularly beautiful, although with little yellow, eh! Ahem, ejem, jajaja. They were with me at all times helping me- ceremony hostesses.

One night we drank, we Dance, we laugh, we photograph ourselves a lot and without a doubt we find and promote our most original and eclectic side! We even became “arte”, with a baroque painting that did not hesitate to add even more glamor and fun to the night!

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Also thank the visit and collaboration of ESCO Grenada, represented by Maripi Robles, one of the directors of the Master of Communication and Fashion Management ESCO.

Also celebrate the presence of sponsors such as Custo Barcelona, with which we had the most emotional moment of the night when giving a cologne to a friend and namesake who had a birthday that night and decided to celebrate with us; Yamamay Beauty, who surprised with batches of cosmetics that, according to what I have been told, delighted all the winners and Mine Bags (Rosario and Oihana in the photo below)who raffled a discount voucher for his Showroom held this weekend (and that soon I will tell you too).

Y por último, but not for them less important, thank my favorite photographers, Gema Reyes and Javier Gavilan, who were attending the two “sets” of photos and making everyone so handsome! Thanks guys!

did not fit in me (and hardly on the shirt either) of joy and satisfaction, de see everyone having a great time and celebrating the good vibes that fashion can have, as long as it is seen from the “yellow” glass” and "eclectic". Thank you all very much for coming and I look forward to seeing you at the next celebration!