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On Wednesday the Custo Barcelona Pop Up was inaugurated in Granada: an afternoon full of people, good music and drinks.

Although it was open all day, the movement started on Wednesday afternoon ... It was time to let everyone know about the opening of the store! From 5:00 p.m. the press began to arrive to record the store and interview Custo Dalmau, designer of the firm that came down to Granada to enjoy live the I really wanted to and have Granada  to enjoy their creations.

Later he was chatting with a series of bloggers and passionate about the moda who were invited to the event and attending all the people who came to the store to see first-hand the discounts it has (I remind you that they bring clothes from Custo Barcelona with up to a 70% de descuento).  Sincerely a great and very nice guy who kept smiling all afternoon and to take thousands of photos with everyone who asked for it.


Julio, our DJ, which is located in the same window of the Pop Up Store - it will be in the afternoons with live music in the store - he put a musicon throughout the afternoon that managed to turn the vision of the garments and the purchase into a experience only. People did not hesitate for a moment and quickly bought the bargains that were available - I have already taken a look at a couple of shirts and I have stayed with the green shirt that I take in the photos!

They also visited the store and they met the designer, part of the ESCO Granada team, (you can see photos in his Facebook) the school where I work and that was directly involved with the organization of this Pop Up in Granada. The School is currently closely linked with the world of fashion since it is presenting a new Professional Master in Fashion Communication and Management that will begin next year! (I'll tell you more details, safe!).

The meeting of bloggers and passionate about fashion with Custo that I mentioned before

Even my mother stopped by the store, accompanied by my aunt! You already know that for me the support of my family and friends is fundamental!(look how beautiful with the designer). Thank you both for coming and accompanying me on such a special day. We have already had our eye on a green skirt ... So they will return for it!

It was a very positive experience, It is the first time that I work in a big event in the world of fashion, actively helping the management and communication of the Custo Barcelona Pop Up Store in Granada as part of the XXL Comunicación team, the Custo Barcelona agency. A lot of work but very rewarding both work and personally!


After the inauguration and after a short dinner we all went to Aliatar to enjoy a party in honor of the designer and to try the secret cocktail. You can see all the photos of the Photocall of the Pop Up Custo Barcelona Granada party in Aliatar!

Fotos: Gema Reyes Vico