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The world of accessories is exciting, that's why I want to show you these Cruciani C bracelets, that have revolutionized not only fashion blogs, if not the fashion in the street.

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Full of colors, with hundreds of shapes and infinite possibilities to combine. Made in macramé, they are about Pulseras Cruciani 100 that have gone from a trend in Italy to a world revolution due to their renewed artisanal method and for providing modernity and differentiation to a product that is already very hackneyed but that they have managed to renew..

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I have liked them for the touch of color and a bit cool that they add to any look and that is why I wanted to give it that "tropical" vibe to the photos to show you mine.My favorite without a doubt is the Flower Power in collaboration with Pacha Ibiza that promulgates love and good vibes.

Among my family they have been a success and I'm happy to give some to my mother and my aunt. Life is sharing! Además, the firm has been celebrating its birthday, that you can follow in Twitter at #HappyBdayCrucianiC or with your #CrucianiC account.

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Camiseta: Alexander McQueen / Bracelets: Cruciani C..

Here you have a video so you can see how they are tied to the wrist.