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They are a model that is always in fashion, pero, ¿What keys should we take into account to bet on round sunglasses?

¿looking for a couple of glasses that complement your style?  The first thing I always want to make clear in my blog is that we all have the freedom to wear whatever we want., we feel better or worse and whether or not "thought” for us and our physical qualities, age or type. So that, si love round sunglasses, bet on them even if you do not meet any of the keys. ¡It will not seem bad to anyone to see you great with them!

But there are people who need some caveats to decide and bet on this type of glasses.. round glasses are an elegant and timeless option but every summer they come back with different touches and following the summer trends. That is why if you are looking for best round sunglasses for women that makes you look and feel good, with some freshness and fun, round sunglasses are a great option.

gafas de sol redondas
Photo by Rafael Barros on Pexels.com

¿How to choose the perfect round glasses for you?

The friends Charly Therapy I have been asked to explain them 3 fundamental keys when choosing the perfect round glasses for you:

  1. the shape of the face is an important factor to consider when choosing a pair of sunglasses. Round sunglasses are a good choice for those with an oval or round face.. If you have a square or rectangular face, round sunglasses can also be a good option, although you should look for them a little larger and more striking so that they stand out completely.
  2. The size of the frame so that it fits (complement it) to your face. Round glasses can help balance the shape of the face and give the impression that the face is slimmer so when choosing a pair of sunglasses the size of the frame is important to offset the visual weights that are generated in the upper part of the face. Glasses with a larger frame can help balance the shape of the face if it is square.
  3. Your need in your day to day. There are models of glasses that you can more or less intuit how and when you will use them, you should try to do the same with the round ones, think about when they will be with you to define their seriousness, your materials or your end result. Por ejemplo, ¿you want them to go to the beach? Bet on round glasses with a very sixties white frame, ¿you want them for everyday? It is better to resort to ones with an air frame and darker lenses…