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Provided they are not destructive, malicious or illegal I believe that if you expose (I talk about bloggers, etc) you must accept criticism and opinions from around the world.

This all started in the most casual way ... Through a tweet! Those who follow me already know that both my profession, as for my personal pleasure I am completely hooked on social networks where I explain, I think, reflect or ravings!

On Monday I found in my Timeline with this tweet (on the right) that connected with the image I show, "New and amazing heels Yess Sanz Morales".  covered in the idea of in public social networks everything is debatable I jumped and I said this (abajo) noting that these shoes seem pretty ugly:

Untill there, pensaréis, It is quite normal ... Someone shares a look and says somebody expressing opinion personal. ¿Normal? It seems that not so much, at least  when opinions are not in favor .... I am very surprised tweet  responding ... a girl molona, living in New York, you can afford these shoes signature; instead of passing around and show your personality, He faces the last Grenadian monkey arguing that it will not say what he thinks about not being rude, to which I replied that my opinion was not bitchy.


I believe that this involves two "mistakes" I want to expose you to see what you think.

  1. Not accept that  other people may have another opinion, view, style or taste different from yours and accept such "negative" comments.
  2. You can absolutely say everything without losing education, so there could be offsetting arguing for example that are treated shoes moda, which they are of such designer, that carry such or as such, the magazine this or the other has said are essential, or even that he has because he has left the toto. All these answers have seen the logical and coherent, It is true that I had not changed my opinion about shoes, but at least it would have shown personality.

Perhaps the only fault has been mine, to get me where they did not call me and make an unflattering comment to someone I did not know and had not asked for my opinion. Anyway, I've always thought that while my opinions do not violate human rights must be, at least, respected. Maybe even I have given too much importance to this specific issue happened on Twitter, but I have been thinking and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

My opinion about this complicated issue to accept criticism beyond the blandishments:  If you pretend to be "culjanter", expose your personality, your opinion, your individual style and your way of expression through fashion (or I say more, in any field) It should also be noted that in many cases can not please everyone, accept, and be above. (Translation image: You are entitled to your opinion and I have the right to tell you how fucking stupid that is - This phrase can be applied loop, indefinitely)

What do you think? When do you receive any criticism how you face? Do you think you can review everything on the network or should cut us more?