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Mario Galla unapologetic international model wears a bionic leg. Accepting is sexy!

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Because being "hot body" is not just physical - but also – naturalness and self-acceptance, this time Mario Galla model, make it irresistible Ecléchico great body of the week.

With only 24 years without the right leg - is replaced by an integral prosthesis - the German model it has become an icon of the difference and guts - Lousy joke with his name. It becomes the walking proof that you can achieve anything with determination.

Mario-Galla-cuerpazo-model-foot-orthopedic © dica-slider

It has recently been Benetton chosen to star in the last campaign the firm aimed at helping the association Unhate, Ambassador of making the same. We know that Benetton always put the eye on the difference, but this model has marched in many catwalks and conducted numerous international campaigns regardless of disability.

In addition there is a tremendous activist for animal rights, continually working with Peta. A gem.