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A true star does as she pleases and turns a necklace into a headband! This is a matter of style!

I love this photograph, not just because I fell so much in love with Marion Cotillard (the air and roll that it gives off, the beauty, naturalness and simplicity that always defends – even in campaigns like Dior!) I like when people do what they want (also my mind goes straight to the Miss Dior ad where he let his hair down!) and this time with something as simple as this, take risks without looking like a jerk… and you will ask me ¿but what has he done for so long? To put on the jewels not where they have been set they should go… but where she has pleased!

In the photos we see her at the Cannes festival, con a spectacular bun surrounded by… Oh jesus! ¿What's that? well a necklace! As they inform me, it is a diamond necklace from Chopard's Red Carpet collection that the actress has placed as a diadem! I love the idea and it shows that with our jewels we can do whatever we want whenever we have fun!!