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Each season has its drawbacks for beards, ¡but maybe summer is the one that causes most doubts and problems! Here I point 4 beard care in summer.

There is no doubt that for years the beard has become almost «a complement» in male beauty. When summer arrives and the heat, many men eliminate doubt about whether to reduce the heat that can provide. ¡But you don't have to get rid of it completely.!

Both bearded convinced as to who makes his first steps when relaxed, Summer is a critical time for beard. Then I will tell 4 trucos (advice and care) to be taken into account beard care in summer:

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1. Fight against heat

If it is very hot the fact wetting the beard can help freshen her face and even, thanks to pelo wet, that feeling is extended in the time of greatest form among those with beard in those without.

For those with a luxuriant beard and feel overwhelmed by the heat, a recommendation is beard trimming so that the air more easily reach the face. ¡We are not talking about removing it.! Just subtract a few centimeters and once last summer to recover again. Sometimes in life you have to choose whether long or be chilled barbaza.

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2. Hygiene Beard

The heat makes people sweat and face is no exception. That makes sweat dirty beard faster. Therefore in summer, although it is a recommendation that should apply to all year, the use of shampoos is recommended for beard or special soaps (As these essential products that I commented here).

This is especially important when returning from the beach or pool, as the salt or chlorine are impregnated beard and can cause itching, peeling or affect the face.

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3. Brushing the beard

Brushing helps untangle beard facial hair and promotes regeneration, making stronger and healthier beard. This was one of the most important recommendations I gave in the post “how to have a pro beard”.

Hair beard usually tends to curl more in the summer than at other times thereby brushing is more advisable than ever and is essential in these beard care in summer.

After bathing at the beach or pool is important both washing and combing his beard to avoid frizz.

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4. Beard protection

To protect the beard in summer, the use of oils or balms obtained from essential oils and natural raw materials is recommended.. ¡forget about chemicals!

These balms create a film about the beard that prevents damage by the sun and heat and also help to better shape the beard. Although summer is the best time to relax, like protecting the head hair with hats or products from the sun, we think that our beard also deserves.

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