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Spring is here and with it the good weather and the desire to spend more time away from home., as the saying goes: «spring, blood alters», but it is not the only thing that is altered, At this time of year the skin of our face is one of the parts of the body that most «suffers» with the changes.

Although we must take care of our skin throughout the year, with the arrival of spring it makes it more sensitive and more problems can occur. It is the time of year with the most environmental changes, there are very hot days accompanied by sudden drops in temperature, sunny days or rainy days, the temperature is highly variable and this alters the skin. According to experts fromwww.nutritienda.com, the leading online company in health and beauty products, in spring they increase more than one 30 % problems related to skin health.

Changes in temperature and light cause a hormonal change that affects mood, that in turn, It is reflected in our dermis. As days go by, our mood improves due to the increase in serotonin, which causes our energy and motivation to be greater. Además, at this time of year there area higher amount of allergens, that can affect the most sensitive skin causing dermatitis, that together with exposure to the first rays of sun and increased sweating, causes possible burns and more pimples to appear, so it is not the best time of the year for the skin of our face. For these reasons, the experts ofNutritienda.com They give us some guidelines so that our skin looks radiant in spring:

1. Follow some beauty rituals

Many of the imperfections that the skin of our face suffers are due to inadequate cleansing and hydration, there are times that, lack of time, due to ignorance or laziness, not all the necessary steps are taken. For the skin to be healthy it is important to follow a proper routine:

Daily cleaning

skin in spring

To have radiant skin it is essential that it is clean and hydrated. The first thing to do isclean the face, morning and night, With warm water and with a specific product for each skin type, this will open the pores and oxygenate the skin as, both during the day and at night, Dirt and debris accumulates and clogs them.. A good facial cleansing will help remove dead cells., will delay the appearance of wrinkles, it will give more luminosity and is essential to avoid the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

use of tonic

Once the skin is clean, it is convenient to use atonic, It is a formula that contains minimally mineralized purified water with a physiological pH, with some non-ionic surfactants and glycerin, but depending on what type of skin it is intended for, it may contain other ingredients, such as sweet almond oil or rose water. Se puedeuse morning and night to tone the skin and restore the skin's pH pouring a little tonic on a cotton ball and apply it gently, or if it is in spray format, vaporizing directly onto the face.

Moisturize and treat the skin with serums and creams

Once the skin is clean and toned, it is time to apply a serum.. This product is characterized by including in its formulation a higher concentration of active ingredients, so choosing the most suitable serum to treat the specific needs of each skin can make a difference. Next we will apply the moisturizing cream. Your choice will depend a lot on the type of skin we have, since we need to provide the nutrition and hydration you need without going overboard or falling short. A good option isuse products that contain vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, since they are very good to stimulate collagen production.

Exfoliate the skin once a week

Exfoliation removes the remains of dead cells and impurities and activates microcirculation. It is an essential step for the skin to look healthy. You can use exfoliants that are sold in the market suitable for each skin type or use natural ingredients such as sugar., café, sea ​​salt or oats.The most important thing is that the exfoliation is gentle since facial skin is very delicate, especially in people with sensitive skin.

For oily skin, a perfect exfoliant is a handful of crushed oat flakes with two tablespoons of sugar and the juice of half a lemon.. For normal and dry skin it is better to substitute the lemon juice so that it does not dry out, so you could combine the oats with a little honey. Oats and sugar remove dead cells, lemon is astringent so it cleanses deeply and honey is ideal for dry skin as it gives extra hydration. Anywaysapply to wet skin in circular motions, it is left to act for two or three minutes and is removed with cold water.

skin in spring

Using face masks once or twice a week

For the skin to have extra hydration it is important to apply a mask once or twice a week.It should be applied to clean skin and left to act between 20 y 30 minutos and then remove with plenty of lukewarm water. A good revitalizing mask is made by mixing green clay (a tablespoon), water, lemon juice and two tablespoons of olive oil. With good weather, the skin is also more exposed to the sun's rays and air, so good skin hydration makes it look healthier and calmer.If the skin has been exposed to the sun, essential oils such as almond oil can be used., de jojoba, aloe vera or shea butter which has calming and nourishing properties. can be mixed 20 ml of pure aloe vera gel with a teaspoon of honey, 5 ml of jojoba oil and 5 tea tree oil drops to soothe skin after prolonged overexposure to the sun.

2. Use sun protection year-round

It is very important to use sun protection throughout the year, according to a survey carried out by Nutritienda.com, un60 % of Spaniards only use sun protection in the pool or on the beach on their summer holidays, and not the rest of the year. With the arrival of spring, the skin is exposed to the first rays of sunlight that can cause burns., since the skin is more sensitive. You have to be aware that the sun's rays are just as harmful as in summer. Por lo tanto, One of the most important guidelines to follow for radiant-looking skin isuse a high sun protection cream every day, applying it several times in frontto mirror throughout the day to make sure you've applied it everywhere.

skin in spring

3. Sleeping enough hours is essential for the skin in spring

Lack of sleep can have negative effects on the complexion.It is convenient to sleep seven or eight hours so that the skin is oxygenated, collagen is produced and elastin increased, además, cells regenerate, what makes the skin firm, bright and radiant.Lack of sleep produces free radicals that cause premature aging and an early appearance of bags, wrinkles and sagging.

4. Take care of the diet

Nutrition is key to having radiant skin, the nutritionists ofNutritienda.com recommend increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables at this time of year since, por ejemplo, vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen a protein necessary for the skin to retain elasticity and firmness.The Kiwi, the Orange, the lemon they are good options. Another of the vitamins that plays an important role in keeping our skin in good condition., is the niacin, this B group vitamin, we can find it in foods like eggs or nuts.

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants, Antioxidants are molecules that help slow down the oxidation reactions of cells, preventing the generation of free radicals., some components that can damage the skin. It can be taken in the form ofseeds yvegetable oils, In addition, pistachios and somegreen leafy vegetables como lasspinachOlive oil and avocado are also essential for skin health. beta caroteneare precursors ofvitamin A, a fundamental vitamin to maintain the skin in normal conditions. Además, beta-carotenes have an antioxidant action that protects against premature aging, Food sources of vitamin A arecarrots and sweet potato.

Tomato is another indispensable product thanks to thelycopene, which is a complete antioxidant. Por otro lado, It is essential to avoid ultra-processed foods that are very salty and rich in sodium, as they retain fluid and accentuate the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, as well as caffeine., a substance that stimulates the nervous system, that for some people more sensitive to it, interferes with sleep and therefore skin health. Another ingredient to try to avoid isrefined sugar, Therefore, it is important to prioritize whole grain versions and avoid more processed foods, which is where it is mostly added.. Además, it is essential to avoid other substances that are true enemies of the skin such asalcoholy eltabaco.

5. Staying hydrated improves skin in spring

you have to drink aminimum of two liters a day so that the body is hydrated, Water is essential to show off healthy and cared-for skin in spring and at any other time of the year. Se puedecombine with juices and infusions or with foods such as tomatoes, the cucumber, melon or watermelon.

6. Do sport

Do deportation favors the release of endorphins, what makes our mood better, reduces stress, improves circulation, promotes rest and is restful, this in turn causes the skin to be brighter, smoother and younger looking.

Noelia Suarez, communication director of Nutritienda.com, has saidSpring is here and with it environmental changes and skin disorders.. sleep enough hours, take care of food, stay hydrated and have a good routine on our skin cleaning it, moisturizing and protecting it is essential for it to look radiant at this time of year, thus, From Nutritienda.com we encourage you to follow these guidelines so that spring does not alter our skin.