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If you have decided to show off your natural color with pride and let gray hair be part of your personality, You may be wondering how to take care of gray hair so that they look beautiful and healthy.. And is that your gray hair, white or peppered with a few strands of gray is no longer a problem.

Hair graying is the result of a natural aging process that, however,, can be influenced by many factors. Some we see them appear soon and in others after a certain age, it's a matter of DNA and genetics, but this process also depends in part on nutrition, hormonal imbalances, stress and some types of pathologies. ¿What we do and how to take care of gray hair once our pelo whiten?

¿How to go from dye to your natural color?

If your decision is to stop dyeing your hair so that gray hair can be seen once and for all, prepare for a transition period where you probably won't see yourself at your peak: “For those with blonde hair this step will be a little easier, while those with brown or dark hair can play with lightening and smart cuts that facilitate this transition.” – tell us from Boldly, Sevillian firm of sulfate-free shampoos.

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And before you decide what kind of treatment you'll need, it is important to know your hair: know if it tends to be dry or oily, what kind of gray hair do you have, yes ash gray, silver or shiny white. Por ejemplo, an ash gray will be better illuminated by platinum blonde highlights, while for hair that is already quite uniform, it is better to aim for total harmony.

If your hair is a nice pure white, It will be necessary to enhance the silver reflections and eliminate the yellow reflections that are caused by exposure to the sun and external agents.: “In addition to a special anti-yellow shampoo, such as our purple shampoo, you can focus on highly nourishing treatments that make white hair, generally finer and more brittle, are more nourished and hydrated. Opt for nourishing masks and vegetable oils, like argan oil and forget about waxes and styling gels, that attract dust and smog, making your white hair turn yellow faster” – nuance us from Boldly.

The gray hair boom

From his living room in the Salamanca district, Ishmael De Felipe (Padilla, 74) It has been verifying for some time now a certain abandonment of the dye and therefore, a return to natural gray hair in many women: “None wants to convey an idea of ​​neglect or carelessness. Many do not want to be enslaved to the dye and others, they are left influenced by moda and social networks, although there are also other reasons such as economic, those produced by the pandemic or simply, those that are consistent with a more natural philosophy of life”.

Regarding techniques for gray hair, Ishmael De Felipe points to two types of mecha: "On the one hand, las Go Grey which are a good option for women with a percentage higher than 50% of white hair and that consists of making gray and white wicks, so that they merge with our hair, and the spiked wicks, most in demand as his technique degrading from the root and in zig zag, helps to achieve greater integration and harmony when transitioning to white hair, more indicated in blonde hair and with a higher percentage of gray hair”.

So that gray hair does not look careless, proposes that the cuts and finishes be more measured and studied, keeping the freshness in the cut. to take care of him, toners and a good professional product for home maintenance, such as specific shampoos or masks: “Además, hydration and good hair nutrition, with finishing oils that give it a sealed and frizz-free look”. www.ismaeldefelipe.com 

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Other tips to take care of gray hair and your gray hair

  • Don't forget hydration: White hair tends to be dry and fine, therefore more brittle, frizzy and prone to breakage. Hydration becomes more essential than ever, especially if the hair is wavy or curly. Trust a nourishing mask that repairs, strengthen and combat dryness
  • Make sure of proper drying: White hair is more fragile, so before using the dryer it will be better to apply a thermal protector to prevent the hair from drying out and at the same time, protect it from external aggressions. Además, Limit the use of irons and other hot tools as much as possible., avoiding too vigorous brushing: better to comb them gently once dry with a detangling comb.

About the most common mistakes we make when the first ones appear and we want to take care of gray hair, Paul Tudor, salon director David Kunzle Fuencarral, points without hesitation to dyes of dubious quality that we often use: “We always recommend those that are as natural and organic as possible, also insisting on the use of shampoos and hair strengtheners based on amino acids or to revitalize, opt for the tan fashion tan liposomes, vitamin B3 or lipid active ingredients that are perfect for improving our hair in a more global sense, without forgetting a specific supplement and the always necessary foods rich in protein”.