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There are times of the year when we must be especially careful, ¿How to take care of your eyes in summer so that the heat does not affect them?

The high Sun exposure, dryness in the environment, The high temperatures, as well as the constant contact with the chlorine, are the main causes of eye pathologies in summer. Taking care of the eyes in summer is everyone's business, these types of conditions can develop in children and adults, but it is more common for eye conditions to affect women above 50 años, According to recent data from World Health Organization.

Other common factors that directly affect eye health are prolonged exposure to cell phones, computers and tablets, los polluting vapors (Gasoline, tobacco smoke) el insufficient rest or lack of sleep. Quinton, biotechnological laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of natural specialties based on cold micro-filtered seawater, guidance and advice in this regard.

Take care of your eyes in summer
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''Dry Eye'’ and other typical pathologies of this time

La eye irritation, tearing or infectious conjunctivitis are problems that affect the ocular system due to high sun exposure, to chlorine and harmful external agents such as those that give rise to atmospheric pollution. Por su parte, la infectious conjunctivitis It is usually caused by infectious agents that live with us, especially in spaces where many people meet, how are the swimming pools or gyms. 

Asimismo, el called dry eye syndrome (or dryness of the ocular surface), is an ophthalmological pathology that affects the 30% de la población, favored by various factors, such as autoimmune phenomena, hormonal factors and environmental pollutants. This syndrome is more prevalent in the hot months when there is also extreme contact with water.. To alleviate its effects, the solution Quinton Medical Eye Health, a medical device made from seawater 100% natural cold micro-filtered. It's a spray, among other effects, decreases symptoms such as blurry vision, burning, itch, redness, gritty or abrasive sensation, or eye fatigue.

¿How to take care of the eyes in summer and with heat?

Take care of your eyes in summer
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In addition to being highly sensitive, The eyes are one of the organs most affected by extreme weather conditions. In order to maximize your care and protection, Quinton recommends a serie advice for these holidays:

  • Los ultraviolet rays, although they are beneficial to health to a moderate extent, in high doses can have a harmful effect on eyesight, Therefore, it is recommended to use glasses sunglasses approved with quality crystals and sunscreens.
  • Special care must be taken if using contact lenses, since it is not recommended to dive with them on (this can lead to the appearance of fungi and/or bacteria).
  • Los nasal washes help prevent infections in the respiratory system. En este sentido, We recommend the use of seawater nasal sprays such as those in the range Quinton Medical Nasal Health. These solutions moisten the nasal passages, In addition to removing secretions, fighting, at the same time, the inflammation.
  • Por su parte, suits take visual breaks, staring "into the distance"’ each 15 minutos, approximately.
  • Asimismo, be constant in eye hydration (especially in times of intense environmental dryness) is key to good health, since optimal hygiene will be achieved, in addition to lubrication and prprotection.
  • Por último, refrain from prolonged exposure to air conditioners or ventilators can help prevent these eye conditions. Following these tips, together with the application of common sense, as well as having professional help and guidance, can make a significant contribution to eye health.