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The Multiópticas brand not only offers glasses, but dSince a long time it has been determined to raise awareness with visual health. I think it is very important that brands do CSR work that helps society to be aware of some problems that we may encounter in our day to day.

In this case the campaign that Multiópticas carried out for a long time revolves around the concept Screen Pollution. I already explained what was this article about, but now they have gone one step further.

In their new campaign Multiópticas they have revolutionized the networks in a viral way. During the past week many influencers showed their followers that they had been given a crib with integrated screens so that the baby could “watch TV”Ofas a little boy – the crib was signed by the company ‘SP Future’, which had launched three children's furniture products (a cot, a high chair and a rocking horse). Days later it was discovered that it was all a marketing strategy in the purest Black Mirror style so that people reflected on whether it was normal to get hooked on screens from such a young age

The idea behind this action was to emphasize taking to the extreme “actions that are often allowed to do unconsciously: eat in front of a screen, spend game time in front of a device or, incluso, use screens to calm them down at bedtime”. Should children from so young spend so much time in front of the screen? Is this affecting your eye health? 

Worrying data on the consumption of digital screens.

According to data from Multiópticas, before the 18 years the young Spaniards will spend more than 26.280 hours watching screens. And it is expected that this will increase due to the fact that the use of them is used more and more and from an earlier age.

Although it is an issue that worries parents – un 87% they worry about the time their children spend in front of the screens – also eit's true that 3 decade 10 buy devices for their children before 4 años. 1 decade 3 children began using devices with screens before the 3 años, and in general, the average number of hours children spend in front of a screen each day is 3 horas (when WHO recommends only 1 hour).

Cunas con pantallas

But it is not a problem that affects only the smallest since according to the study The screens and the Spanish (abril, 2019) carried out by Multiópticas, we passed 167 days a year in front of a screen (with an average of 11 Daily hours in front of a screen).