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The history of the Oscars has been full of looks but, What curiosities do the dresses of the Oscar winners for best actress hide??

Tonight we talk about cine, But also from moda! Once a year cinema and fashion shake hands more than ever to celebrate a unique night. The red carpet of the Oscars It is a brutal focus of media attention and that is why I review some looks from its entire history. They are not the best or the worst, Only the dresses of the Oscar winners to the best actress in history more curious!

1. Now everything seems luxury and glamor, but The first Academy Award winner was almost in sportswear! Janet Gaynor, en 1929, collected his award with a look reminiscent of a classic paddle kit. It was clear that the protocol for this award had not yet been marked, which did not seem to have the relevance it now has..

vestidos de las ganadoras del Oscar

2. Surely the following year, with Mary Pickford, it occurred to someone to set a #DressCode because there would begin the parade of "elegance" to which we are accustomed. She left us the quintessential 30s look and began to define what the Oscar winners' dresses would mean..

vestidos de las ganadoras del Oscar

3. Taking stock, the most repeated color among the Oscar winners has been black with great examples in all decades: Helen Hayes (1932), Joan Fontaine (1942), Sally Field (1985) o Nicole Kidman (2003).

4. It is followed by the color white, the second most repeated. There are brilliant examples like the first in history, which would be Luise Rainer's coat in 1937, Olivia de Haviland (1050), Audrey Hepburn (1954).

5. If we talk about white dresses we can not forget the one that Jennifer Lawrence wore (2014). From Dior, highlights because it is the most expensive dress in history of the #Oscars It is valued at 4 million dollars and offered one of the most dramatic moments in history!

6. Black and white? Fear of risking? We found a few patterned dresses among the Oscar winners for the best actress in history, which seems to be only suitable for rogues like Bette Davis (I would be the first to use it in 1936), Vivian Leigh (1940) o Elizabeth Taylor con su Christian Dior (1961).

7. And from divas we go to brave, those who dared to wear yellow dresses, which is the color of bad luck for the world of show business. It was Julie Andrews (1965) and Liza Minelli (1973) They proved it was not true!

8. And if we talk about demonstrating and "showing", Cher comes to mind and the first naked dress the Oscars had when they collected their award! (1988) with this spectacular Bob Mackie! It proved that she was a star and had no qualms about proving it!! One of the most impressive Oscar winners' dresses.

vestidos de las ganadoras del Oscar

9. Por cierto… When was the first time an actress wearing pants won?? It was not until 1969 when Barbra Streisand picked up her Oscar for Funny Girl in a see-through two-piece suit.

vestidos de las ganadoras del Oscar

10. But most iconic look with pants in the history of the Oscars winners would arrive 3 años después, en 1972, when Jane Fonda picked up her Oscar for Kluté in a men's Yves Saint Laurent suit.

vestidos de las ganadoras del Oscar

11. But not all dresses are from great designers!! Some winner even had it done by hand! It is the case of Julie Christie that this gorgeous gold high neck dress was sewn on 1966. What a great style!

vestidos de las ganadoras del Oscar

12. And we already know that style is not a matter of age!! That's why I love it el styling de Jessica Tandy, the oldest Oscar-winning actress (to their 80 años), with her embroidered Armani outfit.

13. On the other side we find to the youngest to collect the award, what was Tatum O'Neal with 10 años (en 1974) and she was dressed in a suit jacket and bow tie. Thanks to the life that has given us this great look! Enters undoubtedly apart from the curiosities of the dresses of the Oscar winners.

14. Although there have been no repeats as such in the history of the looks of the winners of the Oscars, yes, it has happened on occasion that there have been winning dresses that looked a lot like like the dolce&Gabanna de Susan Sarandon (1996) and Hilary Swank's Randolph (2000).

15. Por cierto, What do you wear to thank an award like this? We will have to ask Greer Garson, who gave the longest speech in Oscars history (1943), 6 minutes! Plenty of time to admire her two-piece black one of the most sober but best seen Oscar winners' dresses, esos 6 minutes gave time to admire it wonderfully.

Now, yes! Thanks for reading and to finish, Here you have an infographic from Mediarun Digital with drawings of all the dresses worn by the winners of the Oscars.

vestidos de las ganadoras del Oscar