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The new promo video of underwear David Beckham for H&M encourages us to run!

Since a year ago, English footballer makes a series of garments men's underwear for Swedish multinational. This is not an exclusive and timely collaboration as they are made with large firms, if not a continuation line. This time H&M has launched a new underwear collection designed by David Beckham and:

If it petó the last edition with photographs of David in his underwear, This time they have not wanted to stay behind and have decided Back to revolutionize the world of moda and the collective imagination. And now moving! In the video, performed by renowned director cine Guy Ritchie, we see a fully fit David Beckham chasing a car that has taken her bathrobe. Wearing only underpants H&M and verde resorts media playing urbanization, swimming and sprinting to finally achieve his goal ...? No, just dial ass.

It will not leave anyone indifferent

Las más de 30.000 views it has had the video in just one day guarantee:

The girls will seem, not only irresistibly attractive 'per se', but completely aesthetic and catchy.

The boys It will seem somewhat entertaining and "inspiring. Not because we can do the same as Beckham brand, but perhaps he is assimilating the comfort and versatility of these shorts into our lives much less risky and re-defining the idea of ​​power and strength.

When you join a good idea, good realization, a good product, a good body and a good director. What could go wrong? Everyone happy!