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The Asian look. Alvarez Pamy. pamyalvarez

¡Hola a todos! As good news here, me presento: Soy Pamy. I will be responsible for bring a little Asian world as we get, with all its attendant bizarradas.

We all know that Japanese people are not trusted. We suspect your eyes and warn that are not very sane. Proof of this are the two Japanese of which I speak today: Kayako Saeki, a battered woman and killed her husband returning to the world of the living for revenge on those who enter your home; y Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a young girl 20 model year, blogger and j-pop singer. Although antagonists, both share the rarity of it's late moda and be japanese.


Let us begin with the most dramatic part. Japanese woman of around thirty. After a dramatic childhood, in which his mother made her swallow Exorcist evil spirits -method education in Japan, He is married and has a son, -for having a cat that all Japanese have cats who greet with PATA-. After all fall in love and get -typical, tipiquísimo- write it all in one day, with hairs and signals true hey -pelos-, keeping at home, with her husband.

Kayako Saeki (2) Kayako Saeki (1)

Kayako Saeki (1)"Strangely" the husband reads and jealousy lead him to attack. That much can be logical all, but Kayako ankle twists and decides downstairs mouth, con every hair on your face, to see where he was going well. He breaks his neck, and live, encloses in the attic while the child drowns both cat and say -according, why he says it delataría-. It, it is not known if dead, his murderer hanged in his long black hair-that let him see where IBA perfect. Desde entonces, instead of getting back at all jealous husbands, she stays at home and waits visit. What you do not bring pasta to accompany tea? She makes a very nice sound and you killer, probably drowning with that long hair, that both serves the woman for all.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu PamyuOn the other hand we have Pamyu Pamyu, a young girl whose favorite animals are sharks and chupacabras -the preferred pet for Japanese children- and invest your time to be blogger de moda, model, comedian and singer, multidisciplinary as any Asian -we know that already do from a plate of mushrooms with bamboo, to classic RayBeri-. It may not sound exceptional modern good-any is ASI-, but she takes it a step further. Surrounded by dancing eyes, while circling donuts. The accompanying lion men dressed transvestites, which worships a god almighty onion -accompanying singing-, and robots mimic their coreografía.Además drawn seeks sitting on thrones -very diva- and to cover his face with her to dance, along with a number or letter. Very colorful and creative all. After rumors of Japanese cartoons causing epilepsy, these videos certainly do while injecting some extraterrestrial message in your subconscious.

The two probably give nightmares, and his movies and videos we may blend the mind. Japanese born minds, because they are so. Japanese They do not kill your mother if you do not insert them evil spirits, but be careful that they are not too happy, that they may want to dominate the world Pamyu the purest style: colors and repetitive lyrics that become addictive.