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Conquered me with the first glance, and then I was not disappointed. I love the simplicity and ingenuity that exudes, but without losing personality and reflection. It's about Viana Loves, a girl who with her illustrations turned into beads, and recently with her nice garments with a message she has conquered my interest! I got to tweet that I wanted her to design my life by knowing her body gratitude to the moms, his backpack "don't steal me" and his shirt "jam breakfast" (which is already in my wishlist!). Therefore, this interview could not be missed on the blog to get to know her better..

– What Viana Loves means?

Viana Loves is the mixture of my name and the love that I put into the things I do, since in each article I take great care when preparing it, draw it, assemble or package it!

– Who is behind all this, and because…

My name is Ana Victoria and I am from Albacete, although I have been living in Murcia for more than ten years. I have 28 años, I have a degree in Audiovisual Communication, but due to life circumstances, I have 5 years working as a Graphic Designer in Murcia.

– ¿A hobby, a passion, a profession?

I have always liked illustration, especially the infantile, el cine of animation, read, the tales, the stories, the dolls, animals, nature, make cupcakes, cookies and give them away .... I love the winter sun, And photography.

From my mother I inherited a taste for artisan things, and together with a friend, I started making felt brooches a few years ago, polymer clay, some accessories ... more and more I got the taste for it and I started to try other materials.


What do you inspire to create these accessories?

I usually get inspired by the things I like: the everyday, nature, animals or sweets .... A couple of years ago I decided to start giving out these little things, contacting people who have stores, and exposing on the net ... it started working and here I am!

Now it has given me stronger for the costume jewelery and illustrated accessories (plates, illustrated pendants, watches ...) and I have thousands of projects in mind, but I've been a mom for a little while and I have a long time to go!

– For when something boy? ;-) I always ask you the same

Por supuesto, I would love to release something for the male audience, and I announce here that very soon you will be able to see something new only for boys!  At the moment, and it does very very little, I have started with a more casual line with baby clothes and backpacks that you can see in my shop at Qstoms.

– Future plans, What do you have in mind?

I have many drawings parked, I have some in my blog of illustrations, which I hope to output as plugins and would love to later, embark on the textile world (I have a beautiful sewing machine waiting for me to put it on….) To open your mouth, I have done some textile designs for Envelop , where i have some cushions, cloth aprons and napkins.

I hope to dedicate myself full time to this one day, which is really what I like. It's difficult but not impossible, the key, por supuesto, it's in three words: trabajar, trabajar, and work.  All my products, They are for sale in my store at Etsy and in me blog.