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It is necessary to protect our skin under the mask and now that the sun is strong, ¿it is necessary to intensify care and apply sunscreen under the mask as well? I think you already intuit the answer…

Although we are already in full program of vaccinations, we may still have to live with the mask for some time, something that we find especially uncomfortable with the arrival of heat in summer. Chafing occurs, there is less perspiration and that is why it is more necessary than this part of the face (lower third) that we usually wear cover is protected with sun creams, especially if the masks are light-colored or with less filtering capacity. That is why we can ask ourselves questions like, ¿We renew the mask every less time? ¿We put sun cream under the mask?….

Top reasons to use sunscreen under your mask

To the question of whether we should put sunscreen under the mask, the answer is clear and forceful: sí. Masks protect our health and that of others, but it can also affect our skin a little bit, since it is a zone of constant friction with its daily use.

Its fabric does not protect from solar radiation, and also there are still studies carried out on whether surgical or hygienic cotton ones are better. So prevention is better than cure. In any case, they must be changed frequently to keep moisture at bay, especially when we are talking for a long time with her on. Also the friction that occurs is one of the main reasons to use sunscreen and have the skin of the lower third fully hydrated, Let's not say if it is a man with beard, mustache or goatee. Por último, It is also a more sensitive area due to having been less exposed to the sun in recent months, since we wear a mask continuously.

Skin care should be intensified in summer

crema solar debajo de la mascarilla
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We must also know that synthetic fibers seem to generate greater protection than homemade cotton., as well as dark colors and fabrics with higher filtering capacity. Desde PFC Cosmetics, they warn us: "The skin on your face is not covered by 100%, the mask only covers the 50% and also the fabric does not protect from UV radiation. Applying sunscreen we avoid possible burns and other harmful effects that the sun exerts on it.

Además, the eye contour area is exposed and is one of the areas where the signs of aging are most noticeable, That is why it is also important to apply sunscreen at least half an hour before being exposed to the sun and renewing every two hours., without neglecting areas such as the nose or ears”. Before its application, PFC Cosmetics it affects the use of cleansing milk for daily use to remove any dirt particles and after cleaning, moisturize and choose a specific sun cream for the face and always according to the type of skin. From the brand you recommend their facial sun cream "Sun Protect SPF50 +" from PFC Cosmetics with very high UVB and UVA daily facial photoprotection formulated with Hydromanyl®, that releases moisturizing active ingredients in a sustained manner to quench the skin's thirst and, thanks to its vitamin B3 composition, effectively protects from radiation «electronics» or blue light providing an antioxidant action. (Precio: 22,90€ with offer all June, for the purchase of one, they give you another. www.pfc-cosmetics.com)

Por su parte, Patricia Rúa, responsible for image of Nezeni Cosmetics, He gives us some advice when applying it and also recommends changing the mask even more frequently.: "In the face, half a teaspoon is enough, always with your hands washed to avoid the transfer of bacteria and without fear of missing more, as there are no side effects except showing an excessively oily appearance or a white tint to the skin, depending on the protector chosen. As for changing the mask, with the arrival of heat it is essential, since more humidity is generated in the area and it must be ventilated from time to time”. She recommends facial sun cream Nezeni Cosmetics that has a unique filter system that combines chemical filters, physical and biological, and that absorb short and long UVA and UVB radiation. It is photostable, hypoallergenic, waterproof, does not contain parabens and has a low level of preservatives. Precio: 19,90€. www.nezeni.com.