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Advice, ideas and tricks to decorate a small bedroom and get the whole part to the space we have

have a small bedroom doesn't usually leave much space for decoration, but this does not mean that the room has to be bare and The trick to decorating a small bedroom is knowing how to choose the most suitable furniture elements and the correct size, personalizing your room to make it an intimate and cozy place, ideal for rest and relaxation.

Let's talk about the paintings

To furnish a small room with originality, a good tip is to focus on the walls and decorate them with pictures and photos, reproduced with the increasingly popular technique of printing on canvas. De hecho, decorative elements hung on the wall do not take up much space and, además, can help visually expand the space, making the room look bigger.

Sin embargo, it is essential to choose the right type of frame. As already mentioned, fabric printing is perfect for the bedroom because it helps create a intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. Taking advantage of this technique, you have the possibility to select the most beautiful snapshots and transform them into decoration elements without losing the quality of the print.

decorate a small bedroom

Sin embargo, First you have to take into account the frame size that they are going to hang. The best option is to place a larger print above the headboard or opt for a rectangular canvas that represents a beautiful landscape. Another option is to decorate the perimeter walls with collages of small paintings that represent important moments in your life or different details of the same photo..

Sin embargo, it is essential not to exaggerate, Otherwise, there would be the risk of creating an almost suffocating environment.. Another tip is not to overload the room with frames., preferring minimal solutions or leaving the canvas “naked”, es decir, Frameless.

On textiles and their power of differentiation

If the room does not offer much space for decoration, it is advisable to focus on textiles, es decir, all the furniture that is usually used in the bedroom: cushions, curtains, carpets, etc. If they are chosen wisely, can give a really unique touch To the room. Por ejemplo, it is possible to choose cushions with colors, drawings and fabrics that contrast with bedding, or make customizations by printing the most beautiful photos on the fabrics.

As for the curtains, It is always a good idea to prefer those with a very fine fabric., to allow the sun's rays to penetrate inside and illuminate the room, although you can choose a wide variety of ornaments and embroideries. Por último, the carpets: it is preferable to opt for headboard rugs of the same length as the bed, as too narrow rugs make the room seem even smaller.

More ideas to decorate the room

As we have already explained, there are two key words to decorate a small bedroom: creativity and simplicity. Just add a few accessories to get a really interesting effect.. Por ejemplo, you can customize the headboard of the bed with wallpaper; add frames or small objects on dressers and nightstands; to place flores and plants in strategic places to create a green corner.

It may also be interesting to place a large mirror on the wall to reflect and amplify natural light, making the room visually larger.