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Creativity, autonomy and personal / career development are the three main factors underpinning this business idea. Maria Torne, a 21st century potter”

You know that this is a meeting place, dissemination and dynamization of creators of moda, complementos, trends and lifestyle, so I asked María herself to send me a text to explain what she did and what she was passionate about… here I transfer it to you:

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Maria Torne cam 10 years training in the arts , specializing in Artistic Ceramics, You obtain the titles of upper Technician Mural Arts, Technician in Artistic Ceramics and Pottery Technician, In addition to making jewelry courses, molds, painting and drawing. Ago 6 years rode his first workshop, during those years he has been developing its product catalog (designed, produced and marketed by it) joyería.María ceramic and calls his work as ceramic XXI century, tries by all means to introduce this material shaped object in the life of each of us.

Desde 2007 He has gone through different workshops in Madrid, seeking their ideal workplace, Mary thinks that's when it really starts the adventure of being an artist-ceramist, when you have your own creative space, at which the same faces development problems that arise and that there have to be resolved, away from the supervision of Professor.

maria torne ceramica (4)Currently she shares with two potters workshop in a comfortable and bright place located in the Madrid district of Arganzuela. En your store can find the workshop working constantly in his creations and right there you can buy and order your parts.

Mary wants join an ancestral technique design, to create beautiful objects that are in line with the current life, the ceramic part of our lives through a decorating lamp while illumination, an original vase in a tiny kitchen, or decorate your table with unique dishes chosen by you…artisanal ceramic for its composition has the gift of being unrepeatable, So whoever has a ceramic piece by Maria Torné have to know that carrying a single piece.

His inspiration is everywhere, fragments is storing magazines, colores, Nature textures, appointments of libros, cine, música, emotions, experiences, beautiful objects, Loose ideas are taking shape in his sketchbook after plasma clay… Besides having its own production, also accepts orders for designers that need prototypes or serial ceramic pieces.

You can buy their products: Madrid, Barcelona, Lleida and San Sebastian y en su tienda on line en Etsy. All information will find it in http://mariatorne.es

He now works in a traditional way two simultaneous lines, Ceramics and Jewelry

maria torne ceramica (2)In the line of ceramics we can see pieces like lamps, crockery, vases, games coffee or tea, Wedding Gifts… (all they made on the potter's wheel).  Jewelry in silver or brass, It combines with porcelain enamel, presenting two collections a year.

We can already see on their website their last job for this spring / summer 2013: Vasarely Collection, earrings and pendants in glazed porcelain and brass, as always made by hand. The color and geometric shapes dominate the collection.

maria torne ceramica (3)Optical Art has been a source of inspiration, hence the name given to this collection. Optical Art, It is an artistic movement known as Op Art, officially founded in 1955 with the presentation of the "Yellow Manifesto” by Víctor Vasarely, it will unveil their new aesthetic theories.

In the future, Maria hopes to go beyond the Spanish borders, y que its products reach different parts of the world, París, Berlin, Tokio, Amsterdam… while preserving artisanal feature and short runs. In addition to continue making their own pieces, You would like to continue to fulfill the dreams that project designers, those who bet on craftsmanship and short-run productions.

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