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Italian designer MARCO MAVILLA, She is known worldwide for its old brand Toywatch, He has created a new firm that bears his own name represented by his two initials: THE MM TIME.

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This new brand MMTime He has revolutionized the world of moda in jewelry and has conquered the most colorful characters It is what we have seen up to Kate Moss! It is a reversible wristwatches. Their designs covered Swarovski crystals are the perfect combination with steel and black nylon wear a jewel and very current fashion.

En esta ocasión THE MM TIME, We present three different models seeking to satisfy your audience demanding: Plain a completely smooth base, ideal for those who love the taste and opt for discretion; Half Stone It covers half clock crystals thus enhancing its "chic" and imposing style and lastly Full Stone has a spectacular bath crystals involves round the clock, especially dedicated to those who like to highlight and requiring much as look.

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Within the same design are five collections available that are pure trend! “Skull”, “Royal Crown”, “Lucky, Heart” y “Eye”, which in turn are available in four colors: plata, Yellow Gold, pink gold and black matte. Perfect to match any look. The versatility of the models enables its use is suitable for both women and men. Modeled prices are 190 €, 250€ and 350 €.

Marco Mavilla does not neglect elegance characterizes how well their creations yet; the comfort, discretion and unmistakable essence of their modern designs let us boast of more than a watch making, if we want to, a true gem just flip.Pepito_marco mavilla2 (2)

In Granada You can find them in Sanchez Jewelry (C/ Puentezuelas, 16) y (C.C. Seraglio Plaza, Paseo Laguna de Cameros, s/n), Generations Art (Sidewalk Casino, 3).