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From the fusion of the colors of the most vital Mexico with the richness provided by the contrast between cultures of Barcelona, ​​the signature jewelry firm L'Impératrice is born..

You know that I love to cross the pond mentally and make a "visit” to creators like these that I discover here. In this case Mexico, that you already know that it has a lot of presence in this blog. I love these jewels, originales, a bit extravagant but you know that I die for exaggerated jewelry! This is not the time to be picky about the baroque! Y además, easy to get because you can buy them at their tienda online and it has also surprised me because they are more than affordable prices! For example the one in the photo above., from the heart, that seems very cool even for me it is worth 48€ ( and there are all colors! Why am I on the diet? moda, que si no… I think I'd get it!). Surely there will be a little gift for one of my relatives or friends soon because they seem like jewels that can become an essential part of your jewelery box.


The color of his native Mexico and the richness of the contrast between cultures and artistic disciplines inspire the collections of L'Impératrice, the signature jewelry firm with which the sisters Patricia and Priscilla Pérez turn their most dreamlike dreams and thoughts into necklaces and bracelets of vital colors and sophisticated textures.

The sisters Patricia and Priscilla Pérez Salem make each of the pieces in their collections by hand from materials and stories of Mexican inspiration with those who shape bracelets, necklaces and earrings of different sizes and intensities in which light and color compete in prominence.

L’Impératrice is combinations of materials, textures and icons that shape the timeless designs in vibrant colors who claim an oneiric universe, almost magical. Author jewels with their own history that turns them into objects of desire jewels that define the sophisticated line, feminine and urban of its collections.

Made one by one in his workshop, her jewels speak of desire and sophistication while evoking a past, a tradition, that meets a timeless present that flees from trends claiming its own personality, una story behind each piece that makes them special and wraps them in a experience only. De este modo, each of the L'Impératrice designs is accompanied by a short story, with closed end or not, that contextualizes it, giving it meaning and emotional value. The story is the reason for the jewel.”

the creators: Patricia and Priscilla Pérez Salem decided to found in 2009 The Empress, your own signature jewelry firm with which to turn your dream imagery into tangible designs. A creative tandem that moves between Mexico and Barcelona creating intercultural connections that are the basis of each of their designs.

Patricia and Priscilla look for inspiration around them, desde the plurality of people in Mexico and Barcelona and the places and spaces they visit to the stimuli they receive from art world, el diseño y la arquitectura, three of his great passions. De este modo, his creative imagination is continuously enriched and renewed with new, multiple and diverse concepts and ideas that strengthen the plurality and interdisciplinary nature of its jewels.

Manufacturing:  They take care with love each one of the manufacturing details, where they use only high quality materials and resins 100% ecological that respect the environment, an essential condition for them.

craft creation: Patricia and Priscilla make all their creations by hand, from the first sketches and the creation of the mold of each piece to the composition of each of the jewels. During the creation process they experiment with textures, colors and materials until the desired finish is achieved, so that the proposals of L'Impératrice are true artisan jewels that give off the charm between flirty and chic of what is handmade and claim their vocation as a workshop. Thanks to the small unrepeatable details that the melting of shapes and colors created expressly for each jewel grants., each piece is unique and has its own life, a story of its own.

Packaging: L’Impératrice pieces come in a rigid box in absolute black with a succession of its most emblematic icons (like the cross, the heart, skull, the beetle or the crown) on the lid. Inside, as if it were a treasure, the jewel wrapped together with a card that reads the story imagined by the Pérez Salem sisters, origin and reason for its design, color and texture.