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Sensuality, tradition, Myths and Mediterranean culture come together in Rome, available not only on holidays.

The honored tradition, family values ​​and charming places make Roma one of the most interesting and most European capitals to live sensations. This Mediterranean spirit drink its streets and people makes you feel a desirable environment. You know that these are unusual attempt post walks through history, the traditions, the curiosities or the sensations that each city has transmitted to me… so let's put on comfortable shoes (or heels if you know how to handle well the pavement which Italian diva) and walking hand of The Lord of the Gafas Yellow few essential details of Rome.

A song

I didn't know whether to choose between the drama of “I'll start with you” by Andrea Bocelli or the talkative joy of “Fly” – Domenico Modugno, which are the two most voted songs in the list 20 minutes of italian songs of all time ¡So I have decided to choose another! Which it is well intensità and can not resist not tear us hear throat singing cry pelao and gave us some of the best moments of the 90s. I'm talking about “Piu Bella Cosa” by Eros Ramazzotti ¿why i have chosen it? ¡Because Eros was born in the same city as Rome. Press play and enjoy this curious walk through Rome.

A memory

Rome is a city that I liked, and I have always in mind to return. When I was walking through the streets, apart from the wonderful memories of museums, monuments, tiendas, etc…. I remember with special affection the surprise that we all got – and that surely you have also experienced if you have gone from “¿How does this huge fountain fit in such a small square??” and it is that the Trevi fountain, in magnitude it makes everything look small. Once placed inside and the beach perfectly remember the faces of people entering, that mixed with illusion surprise. I also found it remarkable and something that is not erased from my mind, the looks of enthusiasm and love of people around the source, throwing coins or simply reveling in the environment.

A character

Cesare Borgia was born in Rome and according to wikipedia was Duke, prince, conde, condotiero, confaloniero, Bishop of Pamplona, Archbishop of Valencia, Army commander in chief Vatican cardinal With almost twenty years of age during the Renaissance. Also invested as Duke in France with about twenty years of age ". That is,. ¿How could I not give him this place too? ¿CMO? I would have made it anyway ¡That even inspired Machiavelli to write "The Prince".


A shopping area

Although it depends on your purchasing power over you interested Via Condotti full of luxury shops and most prestigious international firms. I'll take the Via Margutta, who became famous because she appeared in the movie "Roman Holiday"” with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck and it is a street that was traditionally where artisans and painters set up their stalls and had their studios. Now continues to host galleries, antique, vintage stores and also opened space for the gastronomy.

via margutto roma (2)

via margutto roma (1)

A fashion detail

Italian philosophy, with its open and traditional families, the importance of Mamma, elegance contained burials or fun at parties signing has inspired Dolce & Gabanna that for a few seasons conducts its campaigns based on the traditional Italian family, Fresh out of a Roman neighborhood ¡And I can't like it more! I love that grandmothers, mothers and granddaughters share level and fun.

dolce-gabbana-roma (1)

dolce-gabbana-roma (2)

dolce-gabbana-roma (3)

A fetish

Their stars the cine. There is no one else erotic or fetishistic dot the stars of classic cinema – the contemporary – Italian, they were almost able to gaze extasiarte. The Italian aura of these actresses copen makes all the tops of sensuality, and whether you're a man or woman, this "wild" beauty” we are able to contemplate it all. We talk about names like Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Monica Belluci, Isabella Rossellini, Gina Lollobrigida…

roma actriz fetiche (1) roma actriz fetiche (3)

roma actriz fetiche (4) roma actriz fetiche (2)

and a trick…

This new category is born because it is true that the previous post of Destination of the Month, They gave a lot of information and inspiration, but few tricks… and as The Lord of the Yellow Glasses not only entertains but also informs, I add this trick to travel in a big way “like a boss” or as they would say in Italy “come un boss”. This is the service of drivers and high-end cars Blacklane. It is a transport service with high-end cars that adapts to your needs and is available in large cities and European capitals. – as in this case Rome – I was able to try it in Madrid a week ago and I assure you that it is great. (I told you in my social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and snapchat (GafasAmarillas). I think a great trick especially in expensive cities, because for little more money you can have specific services and luxury, for example to go back or airport, etc.

I admit that I liked Rome so much that I could do a second and a third part…. ¡everything will come! And all roads lead to Rome!