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SomosOcéano proposes a Christmas full of satanic action and beastly combed cotton. The collection can be found from 6 November in pre-sale on the SomosOcéano website and in selected stores. This fall winter season 2023 the Galician brand of socks, located between Vigo and Tui, exclusively launches a limited edition sock collection dedicated toone of the most memorable action movies of the cine españolThe Day of the Beast, 1995.

SomosOcéano joins director Álex de la Iglesia to launch on the marketan unexpected Christmas collection where there are no reindeer, in 9 millions of leds, nor chocolate nougatfour models of socks that pay tribute to The Day of the Beast, unirreverent Christmas story action packed, memorable dialogues and legendary scenes.

This alliance between the film director, the production company Mercury Films and SomosOcéano meansa new step in the firm conviction of the sock brand in its commitment to honoring the work of relevant Spanish creators and joins the successful capsule collection of socks launched last season with the production company El Deseo, de Pedro Almodovar.

«The Day of the Beastmeant for a whole generation of young viewers, as we were in 1995, the opening to a whole world of total cinema experience shot here: a film full of action and comedy that spoke in our same codes. So taking back that nostalgia and turning it into a sock collection is absolute pride for SomosOcéano”

Fran García and Ana Carpintero, responsible for the sock brand.

In a clear commitment to dark tones with notable elements in white and red, Sock models focus on the unforgettable movie poster in socks in sports and dress versions, the representation of the three main characters (Alex Angulo, Santiago Segura and Armando De Razza) and a fourth model, also sporty, that captures iconic symbols that allude to the demonic protagonist, main axis of the movie. Además, The collection is completed with special packaging with a decorated box that includes the four sock models and a commemorative postcard of the collaboration..

This collection of socksThe day of the beast is aedición limitada and can now be purchased in pre-sale in the SomosOcéano online storewww.somosoceano.com and at the brand's distributor points of sale.