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American photographer Diane Arbus reflected a sleazy characters without losing the point of view of fashion.

Diane Arbus (Nueva York, 14 March 1923 – Greenwich, Nueva York, United States, 26 de julio de 1971) quizá, so at a glance, not the name ring a bell, pero This is one of the photographers of moda more interesting and away from the typical, I consider, it has existed

Diane Arbus

His work went beyond, He did not hesitate to put in front of his camera, looking right,  people set apart completely in the world of glamor, some marginal part, or considered at that time (remember that its scope were the years 50 y 60) like monsters.

His vision highlighted the individuality of fashion, as repeated in concept but so hard then applied to reality. He precedent when looking original people to represent different fashion brands.

Model and influenced by the film Freaks, Diane Arbus left the elegant models of fashion magazines and elected marginal and different people to portray: gemelos, Mentally ill, giants, dysfunctional families, circus freaks, etc. The characters looked directly at the camera, what makes the flash reveals its flaws. His intention was to produce in the viewer «fear and shame».

Thanks to her, the presence of tattoos, People with disabilities, artists or prostitutes went from being spoils to be protagonists in the world of fashion. That was during his most prolific period of work, ¡y así sigue siendo en la actualidad!

Why say more than she can enjoy some of his photographs, safe, They will not leave you unmoved. If you want to know more about her, I recommend this great article from Ciudad Letralia

The monsters, los freaks, the circus freaks, They have a quality of legend. They are like a character in a fairy tale that takes us to require us the answer to a riddle. Most people live with the fear of passing through a experience traumatic. They already passed the test of his life. They are aristocrats ".

Diane Arbus