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¿It's hard to give a good gift? ¡The answer is no! But I give a series of tips to guide you when choosing the best gift whoever the honoree.

One of the most complex moments of each season celebration (either Christmas, cumpleaños, etc…)  is hit with gift. I firmly believe that right now should not focus on gifts to meet basic needs – the typical “look, Papa Noel I brought underwear” of many mothers each year. We cover our basic needs daily and have convenient options, easy and cheap to do. That is why I think make a good gift has become something that should be special and I get that illuminates the face when the person receives… ¡And this only happens when we have truly found the ideal gift!

This may complicate substantially when it comes to make a good gift, that is special or require certain symbolism added: parejas, family, coworkers. Either by the closeness and trust, o, upside down, by the detachment. Gift ranges must be well measured. ¿What tricks can we take into account to get it right??

Consider the gender: I am very much in favor of agender gifts, but sometimes there is a difference between men and women. Gift for man regarding the variety that exists for women choosing quite difficult for us. Not many choices, that any Hayles, but the use thereof. Resorting to cliches can save the ballot but it is true that the illusion may decrease.

everydayness: Note the use of the product and given daily, so that it becomes something amazing. I said nothing of giving up basic elements, but to make a good gift if it is important that they are things that can be used or experiencias do you enjoy.

Matter of personality: The best thing is to choose the gift according to the tastes and preferences of the honoree person. Look for this particular personality of the person and it will be easier to hit. For example, if it is a man with a few classic tastes who likes exquisiteness – a sybaritic father, por ejemplo – go wrong pulling and lasting global trends over time. Nothing happens if every year you keep the same line of gifts, there are cases where the “known evil” can be a salvation.

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Grado fashionismo: La moda It becomes a great outlet when making gifts but, besides having to assume the style of the person, size, etc…- You can overlap with their interests if a person who values ​​fashion. In that case we can pull ons, widgets or elements other. Another preferred group entry for mona and different case for cell or one that can make a surprise and something fun, because normally these people are responsible for having your closet ready to dress with the latest trend and is a nuisance then walk returning all.

Technology molar: If you have to make a good gift for a person interested in the latest technology, the middle of the gift ticket rises substantially, but it's easier to hit. You can choose to give him a Tablet, a new mobile, any software package installation, the latest version of your favorite video game….etc.

Hobbies (whether passing): Now everyone is half a runner ¿Why not take advantage of that hobby to cover yourself with glory in the next gift? If you value this option will be easier to hit than any other. ¡There's nothing like hitting the nail on the head with someone motivated! Take the latest magazine in the sector and look for the section “the most desired” – there is always something like that – color combination, You have the key.

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Gift to choose: As a totally valid and more comfortable resource impossible to make a good gift, we can use gift cards. It is worth that they are not a display of originality but ¿What better gift than being able to choose what you want? Most stores now offer gift cards, discount codes and other options; but thanks to the blog I discovered Recently opened the Gift Card Click&Gift. I is a customizable gift card redeemable at over 100 shops of various categories, among them we can find various shops and businesses as Easyjet, Zalando, Muji,Salvador Bachiller, Fashion Pills, Mustang, Molet, Fnac or included Just Eat to order food.

Imagery: Campaign for Marc Jacobs Victoria Beckham photographed by Juergen Teller