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So you never have to use the phrase «¡Eh! That my eyes are up here»I bring you a brief guide to conceal men's nipples through fashion.

Men often have small complexes that we want to hide and for which the moda (and the style tricks) they always usually have a remedy. Some time ago I wrote an article that was very useful in which it addressed Stylistic tricks to hide man's breasts (man boobs), but I want to go one step further and focus specifically on the nipples.

Regardless of our age, physical characteristics or the size of our man breasts (es decir, we don't have to have a lot of volume to have prominent nipples) we can meet the case that either permanently or on a specific basis we have large or elongated nipples that stand out on our figure, ¡even with clothes on! If we want, fashion can help you hide men's nipples with good results.

avoid marking the man nipple

Accept reality: They are where they need to be.

Before addressing some style keys to hide men's nipples, I want to make it clear that the nipples, be small, big, dark, clear, grainy or prominent are completely natural. And none of them, either way, it must embarrass you. With this post and advice I want to help those who need a bit of stylistic reinforcement to feel more confident but I do not want to demonize or put the focus on something that should not be considered disabling at all.

We all have nipples and whether they are ticked more or less should not be a troublesome issue, nor who is branded as who sees them. Let's accept that the human body is wonderful just the way it is, diverse and complex and that we do not all enter into the same canons. Understanding that, we can enter to assess some aesthetic issues that can help harmonize your appearance but please never fight against who we are.

¿How to hide men's nipples?

Once understood that nothing happens because they are marked, but wanting to avoid it in some moments to feel more comfortable and safe, here I leave some stylistic keys to help you dress considering how to hide them, ¿how to prevent man nipple marking?

The fabric is essential: The choice of the fabric of the upper part is essential to harmonize the nipples. Above all we must avoid very fine fabrics that will mark everything, ¡there are some fabrics so fine that even the pelo of the chest, if you have it, it is marked! Use consistent and somewhat heavy fabrics that with their fall and poise soften the power of your nipple a bit..

Don't stick too much: T-shirts or shirts that are too tight, relentlessly, they will mark everything in their path and much more if we have a prominent nipple. That is why if you want to hide men's nipples you should resort to clothes a little looser than, With the space that forms between the skin and the garment, allow it not to stand out so much the nipple on your chest.

Small prints: The choice of fabric is not only in terms of thickness, but also in relation to the stamping that will help us. As what we want is for the nipple to go unnoticed visually, we will resort to small prints that play with volumes and shadows.. This means that the volume and shadows that your nipple will create on the clothes when marked will be lost between the prints., blending in with the rest of the shirt or T-shirt and generating a "visual deception" that camouflages it.

Use layers: This strategy is easier to apply in winter, when we can play with more costume pieces on our body. But the advice to add layers to our upper body will help to hide men's nipples by hiding their prominent effect.. PFor example, using an open t-shirt over a t-shirt, or a vest over a shirt, ¡or even if you dare a scarf that falls on your chest! I also gave this advice when we were talking about concealing men's breasts (man boobs) and it works wonderfully the same when we talk about not showing the nipples in men when they are very marked.

T-shirts with photos or phrases, sí, but be careful: It is an idea that can help you with your style when it comes to wanting to hide your male nipples but we must take into account the effect of each garment. Es por eso que Before buying anything, try each case on and look at it with a different incidence of light.. Because it can work very well if the photo helps the cause or it can be a disaster if it just falls into an area that further frames the prominence of the nipple.

Chest pockets are your allies: If what we want is for the nipple area to have volume so that the nipple stands out as little as possible chest pockets are always welcome. That makes that area of ​​the body stand out but through more layers that will make the nipple soften a bit.

Avoid fine fabrics, sandblasted or waxed: Lamentablemente, if you want to hide your nipples, I can't recommend that you wear clothes like linen, cotton highly treated to be very fine or fabrics that have an iridescent effect (that they change color depends on how you look at them). This type of tissue will make the prominent areas of the nipple stand out more than we want..

Help yourself with nipple shields: If your problem persists and you think you want it to be seen even more, do not hesitate to resort to nipple shields that will stick to your skin. They will help to hide the nipples and reduce their visual impact on your body. There are very small and discreet unisex models and it will be very comfortable to convey the security you need.

Special shirts or corsets for that area will also help you:

avoid marking the man nipple
You can find nipple shields to hide men's nipples of this type with very affordable prices in many places at your fingertips such as pharmacies, aesthetic product stores and even ecommerce such as Amazon (affiliate link).

You also have to check men's nipples for health.

Although it is very normal for women to review the shape, consistency or small lumps on the breast and nipples, we should recommend that men also do it from time to time. Performing a self-exam of the breasts in men is essential to maintain our health at bay and even more so if we have a relative with breast cancer.

We must be aware if the size or shape of the breast changes – for example is inflamed, there are dimples or it has bumps and specifically in the male nipples see if it changes shape, color, if you have hypersensitivity, you change the edges, begins to sink or even leaks fluid.

I hope this post has helped you to learn some keys about how fashion can help you enhance or hide elements of your body that you do not want to highlight.. With these tricks you can get a wardrobe that represents you but that manages to prevent the male nipple from being marked if this bothers you.