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This documentary addresses one of the essential dates of the calendar fashionista: the opening of the largest fashion exhibition each year celebrates the MET.

The world of moda it is fascinating, does your need and I will tell. And it becomes even more intriguing when we begin to delve into its functioning.

Si documentaries on designers and models get always attract a wide audience, most notably the scene moments or events have always been a bit underrated. It is a matter of EGO: if there is a big name behind, as the subject loses «packing». ¡until it came «The first Monday in May» directed by Andrew Rossi (The First Monday in May)!


This name can with any designer / a, the celebrity model; as it manages to bring together the most important players in each year around a thematic homage to the history and influence of fashion. Perhaps to hear about «the first Monday in May» Only Surf Mother's Day will come to mind (Unsuccessful returns gifts, eat salad after dinner food familiar, etc…) but if I say MET Gala and begin to understand a little better.

The first Monday of May each year the annual exhibition opensMetropolitan Museum of Art that under a specific topic together key players in the development of inspiration in the fashion world. topics such as «Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination» en 2018 (fashion and religion),  «China Through the Looking Glass» en 2016 (on the inspiring force of China), «Manus x Machina: fashion in an age of technology» en 2015 (fashion and technology) «Punk: Chaos to Couture» en 2013 (on the impact of Punk), o «Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy» en 2008 They have put on the thematic spotlight the world of fashion has explored during its history.

¿what is the documentary about: The first Monday in May (The First Monday in May)?

This documentary addresses the tremendous organization behind this time of year, giving gala launch some of the most complex exhibitions in the world. It was shot in 2016 while he is preparing and performing ExpoChina Through the Looking Glass«. Pero what matters in the documentary is not the show itself, not everything needs to be done to organize. That's where they come in serie of essential actors for its realization.

Not only Anna Wintour, Vogue director USA, which of course also plays a leading role in the film, Experience the world of fashion, but the documentary also «follows the chief curator MET, Andrew Bolton as he examines the debate over whether fashion should be considered art or not, but also explores the collision between high fashion and celebrities at the gala MET. Other notable characters appearing Wong Kar Wai include, who served as artistic director of the exhibition; Baz Luhrmann, who he was creative consultant for the MET Gala; André Leon Talley of Vogue; Harold Koda, former curator in charge of the Costume Institute; y Thomas Campbell, director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art» as explained in Fashion Radicals.

The documentary can watch it at home from their own official website which takes you to various content platforms to enjoy. ¡I quite liked it! Sbove all because it makes you realize that what we see as 30 minutes and glamorous red carpet wearing a mammoth work behind.

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