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This proposal Mellanie photographer Pullen two seemingly contradictory mix things like crimes, with their corresponding and sordid crime scene, the presence of moda, ¿Trasgresor?, Surprising?, ¿Scandalous? it will become one who values ​​what a manera.Se called High Fashion Crime Scenes.
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It is true that this author has published New York for important media as The New York Times, Vogue Italy, Vogue Japan Elle entre otras... But it is recognized primarily by los High Fashion Crime Scenes, as you can see that it is made perfectly pictures where they are precisely the deceased who wear the outfits.
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A clever idea, pensaréis, but the sordid point is to learn that it is fotographs that emulate real crimes perpetrated during the years 50 y 60 in the U.S, and that the photographer has been documented in police departments in New York and Los Angeles. Let's say we have tried to recreate the actual crime scene endowing the "glamor and style" of such famous brands as Chanel, Prada and Gucci.
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But Pullen did not conduct a small sample of these scenes, sino que the series is composed of more than 100 fotografías, more direct than others, but all under the same halo of mock reality. Knowing the impact of such series, and his dedication to them, the website of the author herself It is fully dedicated to this series where you can learn more about the process and the photographs themselves.
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Since this project began in the early ' 2000 It has been considered even as exhibition displays, and by 2003 They exposed the High Fashion Crime Scenes en The Silverlake Society of Authentic Arts de Los Ángeles, It is the first point of an exhibition tour throughout the years that they would go through Korea, San Francisco or Milan. Even this year was again exposed in Los Angeles, en el Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art.
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With a cuidadísima aesthetics in terms of light, colors, of course, chosen clothing, the amazing true-crime approach makes us look hypnotized in many of these shots thinking about before and after the murder, looking guilty, ... reasons which CSI Agent, ya que Mellanie Pullen detail in the pictures is completely shocking, which gets even more content ownership in many cases so disturbing for being the protagonist of the picture hidden or obscured by the shadows, which suffers even more realism, and in another case for being so direct and clear.
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As we see, the protagonist after all is not itself the styling , but the moment of the photographic capture and how to give importance to small details like shoes, bags or postures themselves, always tending a completely cinematic look into account.