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This week I have analyzed in depth the skin of the face and I passed! Well more or less.

Experiencia Eclechico Cosmetica personalizada AB7 (1) Thanks to Carlos Batllés friend and her daughter Angela, masters of AB7 Cosmetics en Granada, This week my mother and I have been able to experience what it feels like to performing a skin test session and then designing a custom cream. ME test was particularly illusion "from within" why everyone speaks so highly of this cosmetics company specializing in custom that has lasted more than 5 years with an own lab. (And teach you its facilities with the visit I made to 2.55 Moda and Communication in este post) Now there came to visit, played sit on the bench and play… Not going as a spectator, if not as a client! Experiencia Eclechico Cosmetica personalizada AB7 (3) The skin test was wild, for ca. 20 minutes not only questions of lifestyle and tastes were analyzed, but also the hydration parameters, elasticity, pigmentation... In different areas of the face. They detect even the depth of wrinkles and the appearance of spots on the face. My analysis came hydration deficit but good elasticity.

Experiencia Eclechico Cosmetica personalizada AB7 (4) Experiencia Eclechico Cosmetica personalizada AB7 (2)

Here you can see up close, search, very very close to me beard!

After a thorough analysis, Angela showed you what kind of cream would make especially for you. All are unique and different because every skin needs different values nutrient or benefits, además you can choose the scent, if you like it more or less tacky or eccentricities Caviar type ... You make 100% a tu gusto! I asked him to be "ice effect", of those refreshing you leave the chilly side and only night use. Experiencia Eclechico Cosmetica personalizada AB7 (6)En esta Experiencia Eclechic I was accompanied by my mother, also it subjected to analysis ... plus to put even more beautiful if possible, the aim is to check the effect that makes custom cosmetic skin AB7 both man and woman, as well as various ages. This week I will gather my pot of cream That even has your name! And ... in a few months the results will tell. DATOS:

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