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Passionate about color and simplicity as I can not but Marvel when you see such a maestral shows like this ...

I love this magazine editorial Arise in number 13. It was a magazine that I did not sound anything but after publications like this it seems that will add to the reader but it. Según explican Arise it's the first – and famous – style magazine in Africa. Takes about moda, música, culture and politics trying to show a cosmopolitan and positive message of the continent and its contribution to the world. I think a great philosophy and a necessary way to see one of the most inspiring continents. Being aware of reality but focused look at innovative aspects because this land has a lot to above are marked ofrecer.Y true works of art through publishing (and portadones) featuring models and 'pinup' black….

In this case we see They Fatima (contestant on America's Next Top Model and promising young fashion) photographed by Itaysha Jordan and demonstrating what a gesture, and a good flower can manage to get. Hypnotize and enamor.

The use of light is spectacular and how he manages to shine some areas of the precious skin of Fatima. In addition, the selection of flowers, so iconic, as for its own colors and background contrast, piel, makeup, hair and posture ... get create real portraits They could be hung even in an exhibition. A sign that many times and know a good idea hit with a detail, in this case the flower and contrast, is superior to much more complex executions.