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When the flowers become the protagonists, and not only in a curious pattern, wonders like this are achieved!

It's about the publisher Floral Fantasy starring Leda and photographed by St Jacques for Elle Canada in September. A true allegorical homage to flowers as an aesthetic element, iconic and immutable. It shows us that flowers don't always have to be cheerful, but with their infinite nuances they can take us to dark periods, sober, seriously, thoughtful ...


It makes us forget for a moment that it is the favorite print of more than one tacky, to get to see beyond your vain presence. It becomes a A plea to the natural intimacy that these elements of nature hide that both intrigue and conquer us.  Not even a redhead - who you already know that fascinates me - is capable of taking away their prominence.

With a spectacular light and great infographic effects This editorial manages to transfer us to a world where the flower accompanies us at every moment. Beyond clothing, they are in the background ... even in the air.


Although we do not realize it, there is always some near, lurking in silence to surprise us when we see it.  Por favor, let's not treat them as a simple stamp.

Let us be aware of the visual and sensory capacity of flowers and make them what they truly are: the queens of the plant kingdom, not just stamped.