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Now that it is sales season we let the fashionista highs take effect on us but I want to show you the effect of discounts. Sí, I mean real physical and mental effects.

The emergence of online shopping has led to a transformation in our way of purchasing products. The seasons, the distance between buyer and seller and the sales themselves have been blurred, mientras los descuentos proliferan gracias a aplicaciones como Billionhands (the global search engine with millions of discounts on products and services in both online and physical stores). Offers are precisely a key part of online shopping and the effect of discounts that occur on our body explains why.

Although coupons and discounts there have always been, the internet has elevated them to another dimension. Given its omnipresence, various analyzes have tried to find out cHow they influence happiness, a person's health and stress level. Según un estudio elaborado por investigadores de la Claremont Graduate University (USA), who benefit from a discount of up to 10$ experience an increase in 38% on your oxytocin levels. That climb resulted in they were a 11% happier that those who have not obtained a coupon. So it is clear that the effect of discounts is clear and concrete.

At the same time, This specialist team in Neuroeconomics discovered that when a person bought a product at a discount her breathing rate dropped 32% and her heart rate dropped 5%. Además, Another effect was the reduction of 20% of your sweating levels.

Various scientific studies conclude that discounts have a direct impact on people's happiness, promoting well-being and increasing the ability to manage stressful situations.

More relaxed, less stressed, happier, are the positive conclusions left by the analysis of the effect of discounts when we find them on the street or on the internet and of course when we take advantage of them.

Con el fin de facilitar el acceso a los descuentos nace Billionhands. According to this Spanish startup, «neither age nor limitations in online shopping should be obstacles for buyers to take advantage of the special prices offered by the internet«. Its platform concentrates in one place more than 1,5 millions of ads that are renewed daily so that everyone can intelligently buy what they are looking for, at the best price and from the seller of your choice.