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A boutique couture and bridal recognized and admired in Valencia and throughout Spain with surprising and thoughtful designs. If trata de La Bohème 1994

De nuevo Facebook, which is becoming a great source of inspiration and knowledge has given me the opportunity to discover the work and the personality that hides behind this dreamlike name. I asked him to send me information and here I present it to you that you know better this wonder!

Bohemian 1994 It is an Atelier and boutique that Salvador Robles and Vicente Cano opened more than fifteen years ago with the intention of bringing haute couture to the largest number of people. It is one of the most recognized and prestigious bridal shops in Valencia that has become over the years, in a reference for all those women who want to wear a unique and exclusive design for a special day.  But what makes La Bohème stand out 1994 They are their original designs totally personalized and they are not afraid to risk with thoughtful proposals that stand out.

The name of the boutique is a tribute to the time when haute couture was made in Paris, the passion that both designers feel for the years 50 and also to the opera by Puccini. 1994 It refers to the year in which they opened the store, although its beginnings go back a long time.


Brides. Since its inception, Bohemian 1994 defends Haute Couture within everyone's reach with the clear objective of proposing personalized designs with high-quality materials at an affordable price.. They are not "influenced by trends", They seek to create personalized designs adapted to the client's taste. therefore they are not governed by seasonal collections.

Ceremony dresses.  Classic, sober, extravagant, romantic ... all styles are made in the desired materials and colors. They are not governed by the colors of moda or trend, your goal is for the client to come out with a custom suit.


They themselves see this Atelier as a “brainstorming laboratory, suggestions and creativity”, since although there are models and prototypes available to be tested, later they will be personalized until you find the perfect key. “the architects of the firm, Salvador and Vicente materialize the dreams of each of their clients. Hours don't count, they take their time to listen to the client and then advise, always trying to respect and enhance her personality. They want brides to have their personality, don't lose it. Once the volumes and fabrics have been chosen, the dress is acquiring its own personality, Stitches, brackets, folds, lazos, embroidery, each one in his right measure and under total secrecy until his last test” “We always ensure that all the designs that come out of our atelier bear the unmistakable stamp of our brand and that at the same time fully adjust to the personality and expectations of our clients. If the client has a clear idea of ​​what she wants to bring, We present you dresses that correspond to what you are looking for and also alternatives. We are testing models and we always try not only to offer you the idea you have but other options that can suit you wonderfully and you had not contemplated.. We want you to have the possibility to contrast styles and models. If we do not have the line that the client wants, We take a piece of tissue and wrap it around his body so that he can see it reflected, and outline the proposal with sketches. We are testing, discarding, choosing models, advising and arguing each model to achieve a flattering design fully in line with your expectations”Says Salvador Robles.


The photos that accompany the post have been given to me by Vicente and correspond to the latest fashion show of the firm, last May at Cibeles Novias.