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Ethics: 1.Right, conforme a la moral. 2. Set of moral rules that govern human behavior.

concepto moda etica (1)

Social conscience, interest in the environment, technology and quality: a combination that many should remember when buying clothes, including me.

Saray Sanchez www.mentayfresablog.blogspot.com /  @saray_ss

One of the sacrifices enclosing the moda Ethics is not buying for buying, but do it because you really need that item or those shoes in our closet. Stop and wonder if we really like a garment, we will take advantage and if we really can combine.

concepto moda etica (1)There are people who are vulnerable to fads and materialism, They are called “fashion victims”, beyond the limits of fashion dress, gastan large amounts of money on luxury brands hoping that the image they project is proportional to the cost of those items.

Make clothes so that organic and natural materials are used, the ancient techniques to recover, and to take into account the work of artisans and communities dedicated to this sector, It is another example of ethical fashion.

Because fashion and trends always come back and that the vintage concept It has become very important, la used and second hand clothes it has survived at least twenty years after its creation, becoming a precious classic. This way, fashion serves last for purely aesthetic reasons, where it can also be said that we are “recycling” ancestral garments from another era, but they have also made their way into our present.

I also see the call “DIY”, Do It Yourself as a derivative of ethical fashion, ya que It takes full advantage of all that we have, customizándolo and shaping thanks to new ideas and trends.

concepto moda etica (2)And finally I wanted to spend more time Inditex empire. Mr Amancio Ortega, already the third richest man in the world, his immense fortune is due to more than 5.000 shops having worldwide. He has given lectures on how to take charge and behind big hits. Almost everyone admires and idolizes her clothes, but some questioned.

There are few occasions that transcend news about the working conditions in textile manufacturing workshops for their brands abroad. And if they come to our ears we do not give great importance. We hardly think how it was possible that we can buy a t-shirt for 5€ and the multinational continues to make profits. with those 5€ of t-shirt the salary of the saleswomen is paid, the carriers and the people who have made the garment of nowhere. And do not forget that you also have to pay the thread, the light, the water, gasoline and endless expenses. And yet there are benefits.

It is generally believed that slave labor conditions in foreign countries occur in developing. Perhaps we should review the history of empire building Zara. It's a wonder how a small workshop in the center of A Coruña got spread throughout the world.

Inditex gave work to many people, ¿but at what price? Dressmakers work is no easy task, It has never given the recognition they deserve and have always been in the shadow economy.

concepto moda etica (3)The women were paid about 150 pesetas per trousers made. Who they were not insured, there was agreement. Only they are sewing and charged. Nobody cared if that was legal or not because it was something "usual".” in the textile world.

Years have passed and practice remains similar. On a larger scale and in different countries, cheaper and more profitably.

Nobody is so honest and billionaire Amancio Ortega would not be less. That is how are you things for which you ask yourself if you are buying from shape ethics and if indeed worth our money disbursed, when all you're doing is increasing its cache and undervalue the work of millions of people working for him.