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A loop that ties all the sensuality that can have a woman. The adored corsets Bibian Blue renew a classic trend, adapting it to the current needs of people with personality, who knows what he wants. Bibian spoke with the designer and creator of the brand.

Corsets in the XXI century ... How did the idea? How Donde te inspires?

I have always been passionate Corsets; in fact it was one of the first pieces made while studying moda. It is one of the star items of my collections. My parents -anticuarios- They had much to do with my passion for vintage.

The corset is a timeless garment, it has never ceased to be. Just think of the wedding dresses and couture.

What is the reaction of the people who knows you are new?

Not indifferent. You must be willing to dress well to take my clothes, but love and surprises.

The corset has always been associated with "the bonds of women", What do you think about that? You want to tie or "loose" women today?

The corset is a super feminine top. Formerly he wore daily and logically nor was comfortable and it was handy, but for the society of that time was "right". When he stopped wearing it was a liberating moment for women, but involving more.

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Today use this piece is just like using heels: It is something that beautifies the body, without further connotations. I think quite the contrary: corset is for powerful women who feel good about your body, whatever it is.

¿Pin ups XXI century Gothic, I approach the definition of girl Bibian Blue?

I think that definition greatly limits what I do. There are touches pin up and much of Gothic in some collections, but in the last, por ejemplo, It has nothing or one nor the other, but much more vintage and feminine.

Currently I define more like avant garde fashion designer, but in fact I do not like labels. In my early days as a designer myself if I ran a gothic public, but now my repertoire is much wider.

Anybody can wear a Bibian Blue?

We are fortunate to have an extremely varied public, both age and tastes, as for example -in terms corsetry- we have from the most basic to the most elaborate and show as `Burlesque collections of clothes'.

Our idea is to reach the more public better, logically. We have many clients outside Spain also, Thanks to the fairs we do every year and our catalogo on line.

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¿How is the creative and performing about as specific designs and spectacular process?

The process we do in full in our atelier in Barcelona. Corsets are usually cut and hand piece by piece, and require a technique that has cost us a few years to perfect and improve, but we also have many other items that are simpler in its development. You always have to put them dedication and love.

I really enjoy working fine detail and everything is important: from the choice of fabrics as trimmings, through photographs of looks. Editorial Norma has issued us this year book with a selection of the best pictures of the last years of the firm.

Y por último, What brand Bibian Blue would wear to a gala dinner?

We love to dress well at night, both boys and girls. For us corset and heels fixed, and for them and American retro look.

Pictures provided by Bibian Blue.