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Not for Curran and Curran, Premieres "biography"And has established itself as our most beloved current Spanish actress! And spend a great body.

One of the current great stars of the cine Spanish with essence and charisma. When professionalism and beauty bind can only result Maribel Verdu

You know that moment when you do not know if you like the look of a person or his charisma, or just the opposite?. Well, something about me and Maribel Verdu, one of my favorite actresses Spanish, I also very nice and simple, and of course with a great body, and therefore here.

A slim body, defined, but female. Although it is always fairly thin constitution boasts healthy physical, although it has admitted in interviews that do not care too much. Esto It shows that it is not utopian concept of thin and healthy woman!

It also has a very simple style that has almost become a hallmark of the Verdú, que usually dazzle without large excesses, being sexy without being crude and demonstrating that femininity is not in the excesses but naturalness.

This week opens the film End, Jorge Torregrossa, a movie that has all the good looks of the world, based on a novel by David Monteagudo. This is the novel that I liked this summer so I have high hopes for the film (well as data, although they are repeating ad nauseam, say that the Model Andrés Velencoso premieres as an actor in this film).. Además, Maribel Verdú has just “premiered” also a «biography», a book I have written about it.

Is not this a great body and a woman with style?