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A woman from Santander who is gradually conquering the world of moda in Paris, one of the most propitious and at the same time most competitive cities in this area. we spoke with Marta Represa, blogger of Artificial Paradises, journalist for L'Express and editor-in-chief at 160g Digital Publications

As he comments, it is one of the few occasions that you can offer your point of view, and therefore he Lord of the Yellow Glasses is pleased to offer this space to talk about the divine and the human, geographically and emotionally, in the end, of a life dedicated to fashion in many areas.

Santander dicen que es una de las ciudades más fashionistas de España ¿Certain?

Certain! What I like about Santander is that everyone takes great care of how they dress, even to go for a walk. Accessories are essential for Santander women: bolsos, scarves, and especially the shoes! The style of the city is rather classic but there are also very modern shops, como Percha.

– ¿Cómo nace tu pasión por el mundo de la moda? ¿Y cómo te decides a dar ese paso de dedicarte a él profesionalmente?¿Qué te dijo tu familia? ¿La familia es capaz de comprender el interés en terrenos tan complejos como estos?

Since I can remember I have been fascinated by fashion. I think it was the movies from the golden age of Hollywood that my parents and grandparents watched.. I grew up watching Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe or Marlene Dietrich dresses by Adrian, Travis BantonY así empezó a interesarme la moda.

Since I started my studies in Humanities at the university, although I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do later, I knew it would be something, one way or another, related to fashion. My experiences, the people i met and chance did the rest.

My family has always been a great support to me.. My parents have always encouraged me to fight for what I want and make my own decisions.. that has helped me a lot! Over the years they have gotten to know the industry I work in and now they are as interested in fashion as I am.! It is normal for families to worry, fashion is a complicated and “mysterious” industry; communication is key. It is very important that families understand what the world of fashion is really like in order to understand and support each other..

Los principios siempre son durillos ¿Tuviste algún contratiempo? ¿Alguna desesperanza? ¿Algo que te afianzara y te hiciera más fuerte?

Mishaps and annoyances always happen, not only in the beginning! There have been difficult times: I finished my studies at the time the crisis began and, like many people, I had a hard time finding interesting jobs. But the truth is that this difficulty also helped me to be stronger, more constant and more creative. I started working on projects that were not paid, assisting stylists, trabajando en mi bloga la larga esas cosas han ido funcionando y dando resultados. But there are always good times and less good times; You have to be positive and never stop working.

– Saint Martins and School of the Parisian Couture Union Chamber. Two of the most prestigious centers in the world. tell us your experience ¿Que es lo que más recuerdas? What served you the most and the least in both stages

The truth is that they were two very different stages. Saint Martins is an extraordinary school. The teachers are fantastic and they brought out the best in me. They taught me to see fashion in a whole new way! Many of the things I learned there during my Foundation year help me now in my daily work.. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.!

La Chambre Syndicalees completamente diferente. His strong point is technique., and I confess that I am quite handy! It is not as reflective and interdisciplinary a school as Saint Martins. The good thing about being there was getting to know how the industry works in Paris; that's how i knew i wanted to stay here.

– London is not your city to live, prefieres Paris ¿Why?

For me Paris is the perfect city: communicated with many European cities, fashion capital of the world, cosmopolita… pero muy cómoda para vivir. I can do things like walk places, cenar en un restaurant con amigos cualquier noche de la semana, vivir sola en mi pisocosas que en Londres no son tan fáciles! Paris has a special charm. In addition, French gastronomy is incomparable.!

– ¿Como vive una apasionada del mundo de la moda… inside the world of fashion? Many illusions are broken, surprises, better than expected?

The world of fashion is very heterogeneous, hay todo tipo de personas y ocupaciones en élLo cierto es que yo me siento cómoda en este entorno profesional. What surprised me the most from the beginning (when I was interning with the Italian haute couture designer Maurizio Galante) was discovering that, far from frivolous, capricious and superficial, most people who are into fashion are sensitive, cultured and committed.

– Rub shoulders with big names with your jobs as a stylist or in showrooms like Yves Saint Laurent… ¿La hacen a una sentirse pequeñita o al contrario, grow as a professional?

Es muy interesante trabajar con grandes “maisonscomo YSL. They are examples of professionalism and excellence and you learn a lot from them. Llevo más de tres años colaborando con el equipo de “Wholesalede YSL y en ese tiempo he llegado a comprender y apreciar la parte comercial y empresarial de la industria.


– a versatile girl, publishing company, stylist, escritora ¿dónde te sientes más cómoda?

Writing! I am passionate about language and I enjoy exploring any topic that has to do with fashion.. It is a solitary and reflective work and I love that. El styling it's the opposite, teamwork and dynamism. Puede ser muy estresantepero también muy divertido!

Como jefa de 160g o redactora de L´Express… ¿Cómo se seleccionan los temas que formarán parte de la publicación? ¿En donde se pone el foco? ¿Qué se rechaza?

The selection of topics and articles is a largely intuitive job. You have to take into account things like the identity of the publication, the tastes of readers and advertisers. 160grams is an avant-garde publication with a special interest in young talent, while L'Express is one of the most widely read magazines in France, for all kinds of people. Sin embargo, both (each one in its style) they want to reflect what the French call “l’air du temps”, the style that is breathed at a given moment.

– ¿Cual es la pregunta o el reportaje que siempre has querido hacer y aún no has tenido la oportunidad de llevarlo a cabo?

Gareth Pugh has fascinated me since his first collection. The basic concept on which he has developed his work (the opposition between light and dark) has philosophical and artistic roots that go beyond fashion. It's genuinely modern, not only in their designs, but also in their approaches. I would love to analyze your work in depth, I hope to be able to do it in a few years!

En relación a tu trabajo como estilista ¿El estilo se tiene o se busca?

I believe that style is like intelligence, partly innate but largely something that is learned and educated. It builds over time, After observing many things, after many attempts, experiments and mistakes; y, as we get to know ourselves, style begins to really reflect who we are. That's when it's really interesting. Cary Grant said that we grow up imitating the people we admire until one day we no longer need to imitate them., because we have become the character we wanted to be. With the work of stylist it happens a bit the same.

– ¿Cómo seleccionas la tendencia, styling, what if and what not? ¿Prefieres arriesgar o seguir la corriente? ¿De que trabajo estas más orgullosa?

A shooting is a great team effort, and styling is partly the result of the work of many people. The choice of a piece or a style depends on many things: the shooting theme, the brands you are interested in working with, the way to photograph, el color de pelo o de ojos del modelo

For me styling has to be fun. Fashion photography should be a fantasy, an escape. I usually get inspiration from topics that amuse me or that are challenging, but I always try to be avant-garde in my approaches.

The work I'm happiest with so far is the latest shoot I did in collaboration with stylist Ray Tetauira and photographer Jeremy Zaessinger, which will appear in the next issue of 160grams., inspired by the dissatisfied housewives of the cine. We prepare the shooting in really extreme conditions, it was stressful but everything worked out great in the end! El resultado es poco común y algo inquietante

-En general, You have known many parts within the field of fashion. ¿Cuál crees que es el trabajo más importante dentro de la industria de la moda?

They are all equally important. The industry would not be sustained if one of them were missing. Personally I am fascinated by the work of the “chefs d’ateliero jefas de taller, who are in charge of making the designs of the creators. They are key people, en su trabajo radica la diferencia entre una pieza “bonitay una maravillosamente realizada. They are very discreet, but also great experts and passionate about fashion.


– ¿Qué opinas de este medio de expresión al alcance de todo el mundo? ¿tienen la misma validez que los periodistas o especialistas en moda?

What I love about blogs is the immediacy, interactivity and the possibility of discovering new talents that, otherwise, we probably wouldn't have known. have assumed (like the internet in general) a real revolution for the industry, that some have taken advantage of more than others.

En mi opinión los blogs tienen una función distinta a las publicacionesEn ellos se refleja el mundo personal de cada blogger. In a way, they are also a double-edged sword.: bloggers shouldn't try to be fashion experts, but precisely to give a fresh and personal vision. And fashion experts shouldn't feel threatened by bloggers., this shows that they do not know how to adapt to the industry of the 21st century!

– ¿Que opinas de los egoblogs y la implicación de sus protagonistas en el mundo de la moda? ¿Merecen ese reconocimiento?

I don't like the word "egoblogs", I don't think it reflects reality. There are many bloggers who photograph their own looks without being totally self-centered! Bloggers who present their own looks interest me when they have a different style and dare to explore it; otros son completamente anodinosPero soy una gran fan de Tavi y Jane Aldridge de Sea of Shoes!

– I assume you are a regular blog reader… ¿Que tiene que tener una bitácora para estar en tu reader?

All the blogs I'm addicted to have one thing in common.: its authors have dared to express totally new points of view and are true to themselves. There are some blogs I couldn't live without, and not all of them are about fashion! My favorites are Advanced Style, de Ari Seth Cohen; Slutever, by Karley Sciortino and This or That, by Melanie Crete. Y por supuesto Style Rookie.

– ¿Cuál es ese tema que siempre "te cuesta" more treat? (makes you more lazy, you have less interest?

The truth is that in my blog I never impose obligations or goals. I write about the topics that inspire me and about which I have something to say, a personal opinion. There are things that never appear on my blog (for example the "celebrities", that inspire me rather little);I focus on the things I like.

– ¿Tu blog es una ventana al mundo, or a look inside?

My blog is a space where I reflect on style, and in which I invite my readers to rediscover fashion as fun, a game through which we can learn to know ourselves and introduce ourselves to the world. I almost always write humorously, fashion is my profession and my passion, pero no me gusta tomármela demasiado en serioTodos necesitamos diversión y belleza en nuestro día a día!

You can follow Marta Represa on Twitter, en su blog or on tumblr and get to know her fashion adventures in Paris every day.