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The heaven and the hell, passion and reason, fire and light… The opposite is in fashion and is a source of inspiration in this spring-summer collection by VAN-DOS, full of color and vitality..

Van–Dos para primavera–verano (1) Van–Dos para primavera–verano (3)

The firm proposes two distinct lines for the new season: Dolce Vita Italian-full of strength and passion- y Summer Deluxe –inviting us to take a walk through the most exclusive summer wearing organza, transparencies and embroideries.

Dolce Vita: The always eternal sailor stripes are mixed on this occasion with polka dots of interesting colors and large flower prints.…Once again the contrasts are in charge of putting the note in this collection capable of provoking a fresh and romantic atmosphere, moving us to the evocative beaches of southern Italy.. Strength, passion and a racial soul typical of the 'donna’ southern italian.

Van–Dos para primavera–verano (2) Van–Dos para primavera–verano (4)

Summer Deluxe: Romantic and ethereal fabrics embroidered chiffon organza star in the richest part, and exclusive, Collection with rich and suitable proposals for occasions this summer's deluxe. The ultimate point of distinction are the colors fluorine, both in the bases and in the embroideries achieving a surprising visual force.