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Visit the creative workshop where Marifé Peinador tells how the shoes have exalted to luxurious design are created. Since its inspiration to the keys of their collections and projects

The designs fit in with my life, the collections have livedafirma Marifé al principio de la visita. Dozens of shoes cornering on a baroque sofa. The walls are filled with sketches by hand, Samples of colors and textures, photos and memories of the creative. The shelves surrounding space serve as a hideout libros from which to draw inspiration and documentation. So Peinador creative workshop in the center of Granada. A very personal space where creativity has no boundaries.
The first step in creating a shoe Peinador, It is based on the choice of topic, which must be consistent with the experiences and tastes of the designer. After an arduous investigation period can begin to develop the basic lines of the project.
Para la colección “BarrocoMarifé estudió figuras clave de ese momento, Velazquez Fortuny, que afirma le apasionan personalmenteSee those pictures, colors, the depth, chiaroscuro, It was my main inspiration”. Until now, their collections are based on the magic of classic art world. On the proposal defines modern art, although it looks amazing as a spectator, como diseñadorIt inspires me but the craftsmanship of earlier than now, because I am very passionate and romantic
As for various sources of inspiration, “La Alhambrafue una de sus primeras y más importante colecciones. “It is a corner that transports me to dreamland”. According Marifé, she lives this profession in two ways, la real: “como empresaria y administrativay otra, also very important; “very fanciful, creative, with humor, with many transformations”.

In this regard, la diseñadora asegura que cuando ve el monumento nazaríIt makes me dream, It makes me see that I live in a dream city; When you are there you forget everything, even you imagine the life stories”. In this collection, based on the colors, the forms and the famous silhouette of the Red Fort, It became a unique design for the Princess of Asturias, Dona Leticia Ortiz, that he was given as a gift.

Exclusive match for Princess of Asturias
Once the main idea is clear, this woman's hand, who lives his profession as if it were a dream come true, walking alone in single lines looking for a physical and mental image of shoe, always looking for the distinction. “Absorb international journals moda, (They may be up 60 a month) to not do the same. ¿Copiar? ¡Ni en broma!, it is done, I find boring”.
After the sketches, the choice of materials and lasts is fundamental to realize what comes out of your head. “The first thing I insist on is that everything is possible”.I do what I want in my shoes, but in books or gateways we suggest certain shapes or colors”. According account Marifé, color cards manufacturers usually last 4 años, because otherwise, no dye and amortized production, so next year will continue to see much purple, “to change samples"Although recognizing that designers are forced into the raw material that is offered, creative also argues that there is much variety. “There are hundreds of stands in different fairs raw materials. You can not forget anything, because right now takes all”. Therefore Marifé fight each collection to offer the best, a unique design with luxury materials where originality is the protagonist.
All orchestrated and planned, is only send the guidelines to the factories responsible for assembling all parts of the shoe is made and turn creativity into reality. Many times it is really difficult; “A skin is not recorded, has not this or that come buckle, ¡hay que estar preparado para todo, because you never know what will happen!”. En general, one collection of different lines are drawn, and each line of a family, es decir, shoes that are fed by the same idea (por ejemplo: the same pattern presented in open shoe, booty and boot) and only a limited number of shoes is made to offer such exclusivity.
Peinador sketch 1 Peinador sketch 2
Find the magic moment

A visit Magician Migue did we talked about the special collection Peinador presented in late November created for the seventh edition of Hocus Pocus, Magic Festival Granada. “Everything has to have a certain magic, enriching word to create ". With this occasion, the designer says he has been offered the chance to explore a little deeper into the world of magic,"But without knowing the tricks, will not disappear charm”, I am suggesting that in this world in crisis, you must create magical moments. “I try every day to have a magical time, a minute, of the five-”, for that reason, in submitting, Marifé aims to surprise the audience with some designs that drink in the mysticism of the world of illusionism.
La India que is

Además, Marifé talked about his summer collection, aimed at showing the cultural richness and beauty of India. “A country where things as diverse as poverty join those living, and both the glamor that look every day. There I collected hundreds of sensations, colores, impressions and experiences.” A nivel de diseño, the variety is planned is wide, old illustrations, platform shoes, straps across the foot, white and gold, son la base de líneas con nombres tan sugerentes como “Hindio “Kamasutra”. Peinador shoes continue paying allegiance to creativity without forgetting the roots of culture, art and design.
Interview recovered from my archive. It was conducted in late 2008, but because it no longer appears in the online journal where it was published has seemed interesting to share with you again.