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With a strong tone of advertising graphics of the late 50 y 60, Iker find work Ayestarán

iker Ayestaran (3)

¿Será la moda de Mad Men que nos ha vuelto a todos adictos a este tipo de estética? Could it be that this type of illustration engages itself? so it is, can you not Iker lose work Ayestarán, especially his drawings, clearly inspired by years 50 y 60. He has published in many magazines, and placed works in different brands- Además, Ayestarán is a versatile artist also makes sculpture, great pictures (there dead in his flickr) and animation, always with a minimalist approach and full color touch.

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If you want learn more I recommend it This article Yorokobu, where they analyze his biography in a highly recommended article with a very good graphical selection. There is also information about it, even with an explanation of their own work, in this site. Take a look at the small selection that I have made some of his work.

iker Ayestaran (2)

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No dudéis en visitar su web y flickr: and bichear, that is sure to surprise you.