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The Catalan designer leaves satisfied but not surprising in this edition of New York Fashion Week.

The truth is that Custo Barcelona's show at NYFW last week wasn't bad at all. Respecting the philosophy of the firm, the Catalan designer proposes a mix of colors, prints, tejidos, etc. It's not bad at all, it's a nice proposal, very wearable - depending on the combination - and that looks very worked, but it fails to surprise, maybe because it gives us just what we expect from it.

We can also see the ideas already cited above, such as the geometric trend or the use of metals and glitter, as well as the one that has a more sporty but glamorous air,  already seen in the big apple. I especially liked the elements that refer to patchwork.


I liked the joint clothing for boys and girls that shows that the same pattern can be applied in many different ways without losing its essence and originality..


Again those touches of mosaic that suggest so much to the emblematic artist of Barcelona, Gaudí and the presence of contrasting colors, Perhaps on this occasion what stands out is that the colors are softened and everything has a feeling of more brightness. Let us remember that we are in spring - summer and that this mix and match (mix and paste) de Custo Barcelona must represent the strength of the sun and the brightness of the city.

Boy's proposals are risky - As always with Custo Barcelona - but I think that something or other could be recovered and adapting it to our way of life take advantage of it on any occasion when we want to be noticed.