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Artesanum is the first portal in Spanish for selling crafts on the Internet. Congratulations on those 4 años!

I am glad that initiatives like this turn years old and little by little expose the latent need for smaller creators to also have the possibility of showing their work online. This free and online showcase to show your products online can be the gateway to the market and great opportunities for many creators, diseñadores, craftsmen, etc…. “From small crafts to high-end crafts, including exhibition pieces and creations of great historical and cultural value. ”

As exposed in a press release "Promotes the purchase of handicrafts through direct contact between artisan and buyer. A sales method that allows you to negotiate payment and shipping systems, and makes it easier for the buyer to purchase personalized items. This is stated by Ruth Olarte, CEO of "We promote direct contact so that the user feels involved in the design of the article and, through the experience shared, become aware of the craft value ". Zigor Anguiano, artisan winner of the Best Artistic Binding Award of 2011 (granted by the Ministry of Culture of Spain) assures: “Since I have been in artesanum, several proposals have been suggested to me that were out of the ordinary, and I have been able to carry them out without problems ”.