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Male meat could not be more fashionable ... everywhere! Fashion meets here, consumption and eroticism Who gives more?

If yesterday we saw Beckham, Today we go with a renowned designer from moda. Designer Marc Jacobs stars in the latest collaboration campaign of great fashion designers with Coca Cola Light. The American will make a special edition of Coke Light cans inspired by great female icons. This collaboration follows in the wake of that of other designers such as Karl Lagerfeld or Jean Paul Gaultier, entre otros.

In the video a designer striptease is hinted to end with some photos where we can see the good figure that Marc looks like and that he does not hesitate to proudly display, with even Spongebob tattoo.

We see that this time the ad - and probably the subsequent collection of cans that are designed - it is very aimed at female audiences aunque, Wait! We all know that the designer is "from the other side" - which has been a homosexual all his life - and they even have a "formal" boyfriend who is a porn actor… Why are these girls so trendy, who know him, they drool like fools? Why hasn't the firm thrown in the rest and put three boys to admire the designer? y, the most important…

Why weren't Karl Lagerfeld also asked for sexy photos? Could we resist it?