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Packaging is a key aspect that must be taken into account before launching a product on the market., especially when it comes to liquids like oil, wine and spirits. The reason is simple, You have to find one that catches the attention of consumers and distinguishes your product from the competition.

En este caso, el glass It is without a doubt an excellent option; Nevertheless, find the suitable bottle is not easy. Indeed, in addition to preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the content, must be able to communicate the identity of the product and awaken the consumer interest.
A good solution may be to opt for personalized bottles of glass created by professionals, capable of satisfying all the needs of the company.

The typology

At this point, it is necessary to understand how choose the right glass bottle. The first thing to do is define its type, depending on its content. Its way, de hecho, It usually varies depending on the product you want to sell., both in terms of physical characteristics and attractiveness.
Here are some examples:

  • Water bottles: The most prestigious establishments in the restaurant sector usually choose glass bottles. Indeed, This material preserves all the organoleptic properties and flavor of the drink. Precisely for this reason, many of those who intend to sell water prefer to opt for glass, choosing transparent or blue models, green or colors that remind us of water;
  • oil bottles: It is a liquid that is especially sensitive to light.. Por este motivo, It is preferable to choose a dark glass bottle to preserve it over time. Además, A container made of this material is an indication of quality and higher quality products.;
  • wine bottles: There are different types of bottles to contain wine, which should be chosen depending on the type produced. color wise, The transparent ones are usually suitable for white or rosé wines that are going to be consumed shortly after bottling., while the darker ones act as a screen for sunlight and allow the red wines to mature without suffering any type of alteration.;
  • Liquor bottles: Glass models for liquor can have different characteristics and shapes depending on the type of liquor they will contain.. Además, They are available in different sizes, de 100 o 200 ml, but also of 20 o 50 ml for mignon and de formats 750 ml or more for large formats.

The capacity

Another detail to take into account when choose glass bottle most suitable for the liquid that is intended to be marketed is its capacity, es decir, its size.
As already mentioned, There are several types to satisfy the preferences of all consumers. Por ejemplo, for the water, you can opt for the classic one liter ones, liter and a half or two liters. quite common, de hecho, is also that of 750 ml.