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Control the rebound effect of acne with the SOS Grains patches from Iroha Nature, the perfect solution to protect, hide, reduce and eliminate pimples pimples.

If you have recently noticed an increase in pimples and blackheads on your face and feel like you are experiencing a breakout, A phenomenon known as the “acne rebound effect” may be appearing.. This effect occurs when the sebum accumulated in the skin over a period of time begins to rise to the surface., causing the appearance of skin imperfections. Here you have a perfect product to eliminate pimples very quickly.

According to Iroha Nature experts, what happens is that sun exposure and bathing in swimming pools or salty sea water dehydrate the facial skin., which in turn temporarily reduces acne and gives the impression of healthier skin. Además, Ultraviolet radiation initially has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Seeing this improvement, It is common for people who suffer from acne to relax and neglect their care routines and habits..

But what really happens is that, long term with sun exposure, the horny layer – the outermost layer of skin – thickens to protect from solar radiation. Due, pores can become clogged easily, At the same time, our skin suffers greater aggression that leads to a certain degree of dehydration.. All of it, It will make new pimples and blackheads appear more likely., what we call as acne rebound effect.

Skin care needs change with the season and, aware that acne can be a serious problem for many people, los SOS Grains patches from Iroha Nature are the perfect solution to protect, hide and reduce facial pimples and body in just one application.

Eliminate grains

These hydrocolloid patches eliminate pimples completely and effectively thanks to their clean beauty formulation.. Its hydrocolloid base, acts by absorbing grease and dirt from the grain, while protecting imperfections, thus accelerating the healing process. These innovative patches are sebum regulators, antibacterial, anti-inflammatories, tranquilizers, healing and moisturizing.

The results of these face and body patches speak for themselves., well he 100%* Of the users who have already tried them, they have seen how the pimple looks less inflamed and visible., with less redness and sebum after only 1 app and wear it 8 horas, In addition to being completely healed in just two applications. De esta forma, you will be able to see how your skin looks softer, free of this type of imperfections and ready to enjoy the day without any type of qualms. Además, decrease a 49% the tallow*.

Pero, What really sets these patches apart is their unique cocktail of ingredients.:

  • Salicylic acid: an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory active ingredient that reduces sebum production in addition to dissolving blackheads.
  • Tea Tree: It has antiseptic properties and acts as a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, thus helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes and improving the appearance of acne-prone skin..
  • Asiatic spark: also known as CICA, It is an antioxidant and healing agent that helps the dermal regeneration process.

¿How to use these patches against pimples?

To eliminate grains we must, with a clean face, remove the patch from the packaging without touching the central part. Separate the protective film and place the patch on the pimple or imperfection to be treated.. Leave to act for 8 horas.

The easiest thing is to apply it on the pimple to be treated before going to sleep and leave it on overnight.. After a single application you will notice that the pimple is less inflamed, less visible, less red and scarred.