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Torres & Cosano is a design firm and Andalusian flamenco costumes.

Two gaditanos designers with extensive experience within the seam. They carry over 15 years together and the great path can be in your store / workshop – an air-together by artists who have passed, politicians and nobles. In addition it exemplifies the baggage acquired wearing women (recognize the influence of climate, light and life in all its creations South).

Although sewing and pret a porter work, the most emblematic of these designers is the  moda flamenca, although most work in the workshop are creations for weddings. They recently presented their proposals for this 2011 under the title "frills 2011"Characterized by the fusion of gypsy dresses and street, with nods to tradition without losing originality.

Torres & Cosano have passed since Sara Baras, they tell us that designed the costumes for his new show – Aurora stem Giráldez. And even the I love to put a flamenco dress Carla Bruni.

– What ye have inspired this collection Flemish 2011?

It is from tissues, It has been instrumental in inspiring costumes ..... viscose and cotton, embroidered linen and natural silks. Flemish collection begins at the time said fabric looks and from there begin to design mentally; a new story every time. Por ejemplo, I love the embroidered linen we saw and from there arose the collection.

The collection itself consists of three parts: embroidered linens with large moon, and American colonial history with light fabrics and floral prints and Picassian; and on the other side of street clothes fair morning with organza blouses with suits. 

– Within the collection is from the suit trousers short gypsy to, you through robes With this you reflect the present time where fashion trends in clothing are more diversified?

Luckily the trend is no trend, there is plenty of styles, and that helps each person get what you favors  abandoning the concept of the "tyranny of fashion". While it is true that in the air always seems to be something, in the case of tight , very long sizes , which they are very feminine, fewer fliers, seek comfort mixed with aesthetics.

When we flamenco dresses we try to bring this fashion to the street and the street to our creations. Flemish trend influences not only in Spain but also abroad, we have seen in the collections of many designers, in Milan for example this year, Parade Moschino. We liked this mix street / tight forever.

– How do you explain the survival of a typical suit and even have collections and designers dedicated exclusively?

It's a suit that has been maintained over time, in principle because it was the dress of
Romany that was in the street, Seville and Cadiz, mainly. In any case suit
Flamenco has some universal , from where Knossos frescoes already appeared costumes
flyers through various areas of the Mediterranean and even influences suit
flyers in South America. It is also worth noting that in contests mises , when the Spanish take the costume always does with flamenco , never with Galician or canary.  Unfortunately the crisis is coming to this too and not sold as much flamenco dress.

– What element or elements should never miss in a flamenco dress?

First try the suit favors , I feel good in the. You will spend much time at the fairs with the post. The steering wheel is inevitable, one, dos, three…. However there bailaoras which never take a flyer, in the case of Sara Baras.

para Speed, first thing that comes to mind when you think of a flamenco dress are
the frills, You can remove moles and fringes , but the steering wheel is essential. From small the
image has been recorded is of a gypsy costume is the Canastera , which led
Ava Gardner in the Seville Fair, canasteras sleeves , skirt pulled down with
white polka dots and red, It is the most liked.

– How is work in pairs?

We consulted all, even if we have differences there is a thread that unites us professionally ; I know that's what Javier never do and he knows I would not do that unites and never much ; there is a union that is not spoken but that is there.


– What woman would you love to see with your flamenco dress??

Carla Bruni. I think you can dress her whatever you want and that Parisian counterpoint,
so elegant in a gypsy dress I find it fantastic. Also Ava Gardner and
Michelle Obama why not? And from the flamenco women to Aurora Vargas, that brunette beauty , that race , I would love to dress her.